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Spring Select 2024

Spring Select Program

What is Spring Select? 

AYSO Spring Select is a competitive season for teams comprised of players selected by a particular coach to participate. There is no requirement that a player have played on a competitive team before; however the player must have played in at least half of the previous Fall season. The Spring Select program runs from March through May/June. Teams may also elect to participate in tournaments beginning January through July. Participation in tournaments may be subject to additional fees.

Select Head Coach Application

Submission Deadline was:
October 8th, 2023

Note: Applications are for potential Select Head Coaches only. If a volunteer is approved to be a Head Coach by the Executive Board, the Head Coach will have the ability to choose their own Assistant Coach. 

Please fill out this form if you're interested in being a Coach for a 2024 Spring Select team. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be a Spring Select Coach. The Executive Board Members review all applications and the Regional Commissioner approves their final decision. The RC, Select Coordinator, and Executive Board reserve the right to approve or deny coaches.  

Spring Select 2024 Criteria

Spring Select 2024
Spring Select Program Criteria (Players & Coaches)

The Spring Select program is an amazing opportunity for players and coaches alike to further develop and enhance their skills beyond the Fall Core season. Spring Select teams play against other Select teams in neighboring AYSO Regions. It is a great way for the players to improve their skills as soccer players in a fun and competitive environment. The season typically consists of 10 games, where half the games are played in Murrieta and half are away at surrounding regions.

Participation in Spring Select requires an increased commitment from both parents and players, including attendance at all practices and games as well as a sense of responsibility toward coaches and other team-mates. Many Spring Select teams will choose to compete in tournaments.

These tournaments include travel and both Saturday and possibly Sunday matches. The team is financially self-supporting, so fundraising will be required for each player and parents are expected to participate. Teams are also required to provide a 3-person referee crew and team 


* To be eligible to participate in the Select program a player must be registered, and must have participated, in the prior Fall Season, having played no less than 50% of regular season games. Special consideration will be made for players who were injured, had illnesses, or relocated during the season.

* Elected Spring Select program coaches will use the Fall season to scout Fall Core players for possible inclusion in the Spring Select program. Select Coaches will "select" players of their choosing for the Select program. 

* The number of teams that will be formed in each division varies from year to year. This will primarily depend on the number of qualified and experienced volunteer coaches that apply. The Regional RC reserves the final decision on the number of formed teams.

All interested coaches who meet the following prerequisites are eligible to apply and must submit an online application prior to the deadline. Coaches must:

  •  Have current AYSO Safe Haven, CDC concussion training, Safe Sport certification, Live Scan
  •  Be certified to coach in the division he/she is applying for and have 1-year experience.
  •  Be a current registered AYSO volunteer.
  •  Be in good standing with Region 1463 with no previous disciplinary issues.
  •  Be able to provide/maintain a minimum of 3-referees for the division applying for.
  •  Be able to follow the Spring Select guidelines and AYSO Philosophies.

A high level of commitment is expected from the coaches, players, and the parents. Select is for motivated and enthusiastic players. Other obligations MUST be disclosed, and while some players are involved in other sports, most Select coaches require that training sessions and games take AT LEAST equal precedence with other activities.

The Spring Select regular season usually runs from early March through June. The season is typically comprised of 10 games, half of which are at home and the rest of the games are away in surrounding AYSO Regions like Beaumont, Hemet, Menifee, Redlands and Upland just to name a few.

While most games are on Saturdays, there is a possibility that games may be scheduled during the week and Sundays. There are also Spring Select playoffs at the conclusion of the season and those dates are T.B.D.

In addition to regular season games, most Spring Select teams will also compete in AYSO Soccer tournaments. Each team is self-funded, so teams will need to fund raise money to pay for tournaments. Most tournaments require game play on Saturday and Sunday.


A: The Spring Select program is an amazing opportunity for interested players to improve their skills in a more competitive environment beyond the Fall season. It is open only to players who registered and participated in at least 50 percent of the current Fall Season in the 10U-14U divisions and are in good standing with Region 1463.

A:  Coaches are allowed to scout and select players from the Fall season. They are also allowed to hold "try-outs." Please note that applicants to these try-outs are not guaranteed placement. 

On tryout day, players will be checked-in and separated by division. Spring Select coaches will run their age specific tryout and players will be evaluated by player evaluators. Remember that evaluators are looking for different things and it is a very subjective process. Evaluators are looking for player skill, speed, effort, sportsmanship, understanding of the game. Positional needs of the team, team chemistry and attendance can also be deciding factors. Furthermore, volunteer referee commitment and family volunteer commitment also play a role.

A:  The forming of Spring Select teams involves many factors. One of the factors being the number of experienced & qualified coaches that meet the prerequisites to be a Spring Select coach. The Region Executive Board members may also look at the number of skilled players available for each division.

AAll interested coaches who have coached in the Fall season and meet the Spring Select coaching prerequisites, must fill out an online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE.

Prospective Coaches and assistant coaches must be current registered volunteers who have completed the appropriate coaching certification for the division he/she is applying for and have at least 1-year of experience in the division applying for. Coaches must also have current AYSO's Safe Haven training, and the CDC concussion training. Coaches must be in good standing with Region 1463 with no prior disciplinary issues. Coaches must provide and maintain a certified 3-referee team that will referee other Select games.

The Executive Board Members review all applications and the Regional Commissioner approves their final decision. The RC, Select Coordinator, and Executive Board reserve the right to approve or deny coaches. Coaches should be able to attend all scheduled games and other team commitments.

A: All players will play a minimum of 75% of all games.

Teams will have a maximum of 2 weekly training sessions, 1-1.5 hours per session and one game per week.

Parents should expect to drive to away games to play Select teams from nearby regions. Players must be able to attend all home and away games. The Spring Select season requires a high level of commitment from coaches, players & parents. Players should attend all practices and games. Parents should be prepared to volunteer on behalf of the team including refereeing and helping setup/ takedown fields as well as other assignments. If parent volunteers fail to meet obligations, the team may not be allowed to play.

Registration Costs

Spring Select Registration Costs

SPRING SELECT COST: $450 per Player Total

The price for registration varies each season and this is due to several factors. However, the costs will be more than Fall season. Spring Select registration fees include regional costs, uniforms, field rental fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Teams participating in additional tournaments may also incur entry fees, lodging, transportation, and food costs, which are the responsibility of each family and not covered by registration fees.  

However, teams will have opportunities to fundraise for tournaments and other add-on items as well. Many Select teams will also fundraise to purchase items such as team back packs and warmups. This will make everything affordable for everyone. 

If your child is selected for the Spring Select program, the first step is for a parent to sign up their child for Spring 2024 Registration as normal. Once the Spring Core Program Registration fee has been paid, and it's been confirmed by the Spring Select Coach that a child has been selected, an invoice will be sent to cover the difference adding up to the $250 fee. 

The fee pays for the following: 

For Player: 
Two High Quality, Custom Uniform Kits:
(a) 2 Jerseys (1 Home Color & 1 Away Color)
(b) One Pair of Shorts
(c) 2 Sets of Socks (Home & Away) 

* 1 Spring Select Jacket / Hoodie

For Coach: 
* Two Coach Shirts: 1 for Head Coach | 1 for Asst. Coach 

For Team: 
* Fee will take care of one AYSO Tournament Application Fee 
* Fee will help Region 1463 pay AYSO Area fee. Region 1463 is required to pay an entrance fee for each Select team entered for the Spring 2024 Season. 

Select Program Referee Guidelines

Click the images below to view and/or print a PDF copy. 


Spring Select Contact
For AYSO 1463 specifically, if you have any questions regarding the Spring Select program, feel free to contact:  

Carlos Torres

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