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 Regional Commissioner (Elect)  Jaime Bencia  [email protected] Job Description
 Asst. Regional Commissioner / CVPA  
 Christy Neilson  Email Job Description  
 Treasurer  Danielle Kuhn Email Job Description
 Secretary  Janelle Millburn Email Job Description 
 Regional Coach Administrator Josh Schwarz  [email protected] Job Description 
 Regional Referee Administrator  Mauro Guevara     Email                                                Job Description
 Safety Director   Open  Job Description
 Registrar  Brian Neilson [email protected] Job Description

 Competitive Play Coordinator               
 Brad Todd            Email      Job Description
 VIP Program Coordinator Christy Neilson Email Job Description
 Coach Trainer Mike Medina Email Job Description
 Referee Instructor Carlos Quintero  Email 
 Youth Referee Coordinator Jerrylee Stewart Email 
 Purchaser Danielle Kuhn Email Job Description
 Scheduler Brian Neilson
 Email Job Description
 Fields & Equipment Coordinator Chris Kuhn  Email Job Description
 Social Media / Communications Jaime Bencia  [email protected] Job Description
 6U Division Coordinator Heather Rago [email protected]Job Description 
 8U Division Coordinator Frank Trejo [email protected] Job Description
 10U Division Coordinator Carlos Torres  [email protected] Job Description
 12U Division Coordinator Josh Schwarz [email protected] Job Description
 Team Parent Coordinator Sandra Trejo  [email protected] Job Description
 Schoolyard Coordinator Jim Simpson [email protected] 
 Board Member At-Large Omar Elkabchi Email 
 Board Member At-Large Stefan Larson  Email 
 Board Member At-Large Michelle Hernandez  

 16U Area Interleague Coordinator            Jaime Bencia              [email protected]

Open Board Member Positions

The Division Coordinator is intended to handle activities and communication within the divisions established by age groups and/or gender. A division coordinator is needed for 12U, 14U and 16U Divisions. 
AYSO National Job Description

Executive Board Member Positions

Required AYSO Executive Board Member Positions

Each AYSO Region is led by a board of directors who plan and implement our local soccer program for children. Do you have a passion for managing or organizing rather than running around on fields like a coach or referee? Then volunteer to join our board -- we can always use extra help! If you are interested please talk to any board member and read the rest of the material on this page.

Below are the seven required AYSO Executive Board positions. Keep in mind that there are several more Board positions not listed here that need filling or are in need of volunteer help! The seven below are simply the positions that are required to be filled by a region at all times. If you'd like to view all other 1463 Board positions see the current member list below.  

Regional Commissioner 
Leads the Region and its board. Considers the needs of the community in providing a vibrant, growing Region ensuring as many players as possible get the AYSO experience. Includes overseeing strategy, finances, volunteer recruitment, scheduling, policies and procedures, growth and most of all, making soccer fun for the players.

Plans and carries out the annual registration of all players including choosing sign-up locations, coordinating on-site registration, and gathering applications and fees.

Handles the financial activity of the Region, and its paperwork, including registration fee collection/recording/depositing, preparing budgets, and paying bills.

Coach Administrator 
Implements the AYSO National Coaching Program at the Region level, including training, development, certification, coach support, and more.

Referee Administrator 
Implements the AYSO National Referee Program at the Region level, including implementing training and development, certification and more.

Safety Director 
Ensures safety across the region by overseeing maintenance of soccer equipment, nets, fields and facilities as well as making sure insurance and incident forms are properly submitted. 

Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) 
Plans and implements the annual registration of all Region volunteers. They follow the guidelines of the Safe Haven™ program including gathering applications for volunteer positions, screening applicants and upholding state laws that protect children.

Board Member Interest

If you have an interest in joining the AYSO 1463 Board, feel free to contact our Regional Commissioner:  

Jaime Bencia 
[email protected]

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