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Guidelines Overview


Volunteering as an AYSO Referee is an enjoyable and rewarding way to help our region.  As an AYSO Referee, you assure that every game is safe, fun, and fair for players and spectators alike.

Our Region offers several opportunities for children and youths to play soccer in both the Spring and Fall Seasons.  This means a greater demand for referees.  While we on the Referee Staff encourage everyone to attend training and join us “on the pitch,” this alone does not ensure enough referees.

During the season, the Home Team must provide a Referee for an 8U game. Referees must be registered AYSO volunteers, have completed all three Safe Haven certifications, be certified as AYSO referees, and be in uniform. The minimum referee age, certification level, and uniform are as follows:

Division Age Certification Uniform:

Coaches themselves are not 100% required to Referee. However, Coaches for each team are responsible for supplying a Referee volunteer. So technically, it could be the Coach, the Asst. Coach, or another Parent.

Referees will work cooperatively with coaches. Referees shall emphasize safety, fairness, fun, and learning.

The overall purpose of the referee is to keep the game safe, fair, and fun.
It is better to ignore minor infractions than to destroy the flow of the game. Players of this age rarely commit deliberate infractions; however, they may be more likely to engage in dangerous or reckless play as they may not appreciate the impact of their action. While direct free kicks will be substituted with indirect free kick foul still apply, referees are encouraged to take opportunities to instruct the players, remembering that 8U players are just learning the game and rarely understand its laws.

Referee decisions are final. This includes decisions regarding safety of the players.

Build Out Line Information


Build-Out Line: 
The build-out line promotes playing the ball out of the back in a less pressured setting. For more information on the Build Out line, please view the video at the link below. 


A brief video providing everyone with an overview of the 8U Build-out line.
Please note: The video presentation below is a bit more specific to the 10U Division but a majority of the rules do apply. 

8U Differences: 
* Offside and Offside infractions do not exist in the 8U Division. Anything regarding Offside in the video, please disregard. 
* There are no Goalkeepers. Any information regarding the Goalkeeper in the video, please disregard.  

  • The build-out line shall be placed across the field equidistant between the top of the Goal area and the halfway line.

  • The opposing team must move back behind the build-out line for a goal kick. See above video link (Build Out Line Overview) for clarification of build out line rules.

  • The player taking the goal kick does not have to wait for the opposing players to move behind the build-out line. After the ball is put into play, the opposing team can cross the build-out line and play may resume as normal. The first touch is from the goal kick.

Field Markings: Distinctive yellow lines. 

Hit this image to watch a short video regarding the Build-out Line (BOL)

Laws of the Game Modifications


General Guidelines

General Checklist on Gameday

Additional Guidelines
For more information on General Guidelines for the 8U Division, please visit the Division Information Website. 


The referee is responsible for tracking fair substitutions (¾ rule rule) in *8U matches. The referee will remind a coach who forgets the substitution rules and will suspend the match until the players are substituted correctly.

¾ Rule at AYSO 1463
Every player must play at least three quarters of each game. Every player must be a substituted before any player is a substitute for a second time. Everyone takes their turn, even the most skilled. Coaches and referees must keep track of substitutes. Players who are late or absent are not counted as being a substitute.

Volunteer Point Program

Volunteer Point Program Overview

The Volunteer Point system was created by our region with the goal of increasing the level of participation from our soccer community to further develop the program.

Refereeing will help earn Volunteer Points which will help teams go to the Commissioner’s Cup in Murrieta

Below is a brief breakdown of how the volunteered point system works in regards to Refereeing:

For more information regarding the Volunteer Point Program, visit its website: VOLUNTEER POINTS

Game Cards

Each coach provides a completed Game Card to the referee before the start of the match. The referee uses the Game Card to track substitutions during the match. Will be good to tracks scores as well for Player Evaluation purposes.

Referees turn in the game cards after each match at the Board tent to ensure that the three quarters rule is applied evenly between games throughout the season. 

The following link will give a detail instruction on how to fill out a Game card and how it works:


Referee Assignments & Youth Volunteers

Referee Assignments
Assignments will be initiated by the Referee Scheduler. More information to come. 

Youth Referee Involvement
The 8U Referee Program will have Youth Referee involvement. Mentors will be available to help youth referees when they Center a match.

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