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Goals of the Mentorship Program

The GOALS of the AYSO 1463 Referee Mentoring and Development Program

The Referee Mentorship and Development Program:
is charged with creating an environment and process where referees are assisted in developing their knowledge and skills to contribute to a safe, fair, and enjoyable soccer experience for our many teams and our special fans.

The Referee Mentorship and Development Program leverages the investments of AYSO 1463 to deliver programs for recruiting, developing/improving referee performance, and retaining referees. The Referee Mentorship and Development Program is designed to accelerate the development of all our Referees by providing increased levels of training and multiple levels of on-field mentoring.

Beginning in the 2021 Fall Season, the Referee Mentorship and Development Program team will mentor referees on the field. The staff works with referees to help them develop their skills, perform at a higher and more consistent level, and better enforce the Laws of the Game. The goal with these programs is to provide players safer and consistent matches while giving the referees an opportunity to expand their skillset and move up in badge level.

Referee Mentoring Overview:

Referees must make quick decisions based on what they see on the field, must manage multiple players, need to remain unbiased, and must deal with the emotions of the spectators on the sidelines. This is a big responsibility for any official but can be a bigger burden for new referees.

To help these referees be more successful, the Referee Mentorship and Development Program staff will recruit and train Referee Mentors to assist these officials to build effective habits and skills to better enable them to deliver the safe and fair matches that the players, coaches, and fans demand.

AYSO Region 1463 is a family-oriented group that includes players, coaches, parents/spectators, the teams, the board members/volunteers, and the referees. It is important to understand that our up-and-coming referees are learning and developing much like the players on the field. To help these referees develop, stay engaged and increase their experience level, we have created a code of conduct for referees, coaches, and players that can be found on our region website.

Referee Mentoring Program Expanded:

The Referee Mentoring Program starts with the completion of the Referee Certification process. We recognize that our Referees need to develop basic and advanced skills to address the different requirements of the level of matches they officiate. The Referee Mentoring Program will be developed with several stages to better build the skills the Referees will need to officiate at different levels of competition.

Program for Referees

This Program is delivered as “peer” mentoring.
The Mentors are selected based on experience and performance.

The focus is on Key Performance Indicators that are the foundation for Referee effectiveness, including:

  1.  Appearance/First Impression
  2.  Whistle Technique and Volume.
  3.  Signals/Mechanics.
  4.  Presence and Authority.
  5.  Work Rate/Positioning.
  6.  Enforcing the Laws of the Game.
  7.  Being able to effectively manage player temperature in a game.
  8.  Recognizing fouls and misconduct in a correct and timely manner.

How it Works

How it Works:

Region 1463’s Referee Program will arrange for Mentors to work with the referees either as a part of the match crew or as an observer of the match. As observers, the Referee Mentors watch the entire match, provide performance suggestions at half-time, and then complete a report on Referee Performance (the Mentor’s ratings will be shared with the referee immediately following the match and in writing.)

The mentoring results are used for:

  • Topics for Training Sessions
  • Focus of the week recommendations to the Referee Mentors.
  • Input to the Referee Admin Team for re-certification clinic subjects.
  • Identification of motivated referees to send to upgrade courses or the Ken Aston referee camps.

Mentors may assign themselves to referees, referees that have not been assigned a mentor and would like one may email any member of the referee admin team (contact information is provided at the end of this document.)


Mentor Qualifications and Expectations:

1. The mentor must be at a minimum an intermediate level referee.

2. Advanced Referee certification recommended.

3. Assessor certification recommended.

4. Be committed to AYSO and the AYSO philosophies.

5. Be willing to devote time and energy to the program.

6. Have clear and concise verbal communication skills.

7. Learn to properly observe a referee’s performance.

8. Have a positive attitude when presenting information.

9. Develop an aptitude for listening and responding to a referee’s questions and concerns.

10. Be able to encourage referees.

11. Understand a referee’s shortcomings

12. Serve as a role model to other volunteers.

13. Know the Laws of the Game and referee mechanics.

For pointers and guidance on what to look for while mentoring, mentors may refer to the official AYSO Mentor Handbook and of course the IFAB Laws of the Game (links provided at the end of this document.) The Mentorship and Development Coordinator will also hold trainings at his/her discretion for guidance on mentorship, laws of the game, and general referee knowledge/skills. These trainings may be held on field or in a classroom setting.


Contacts for the Referee Mentoring Program

Mauro Guevara 
Referee Administrator 
[email protected]

Steve Diethelm 
Regional Director of Referee Assessment 
[email protected]

Jim Simpson 
Referee Scheduler 
[email protected]


Referee Mentor Reference Materials

AYSO Mentor Handbook 

National Referee Program Manual 
(Assessor Techniques and Procedures) 

Referee Report
If an incident occurs, whether it's an injury or misconduct related, a referee will need to fill out a Referee Report and turn this report to the Referee Administrator for review.  

IFAB Laws of the Game 
AYSO Referee Report Form 
AYSO Field Worksheet

AYSO Observation Worksheet 
(To be used by Mentors on the field) 

AYSO Assessment Timeline 

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