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Phase #1: Volunteer Registration on Blue Sombrero

Blue Sombrero Volunteer Registration Process for Spring 2020



1. Click on the REGISTER NOW button on the upper right corner of this website. Note: Create a duplicate browser window so you can continue to follow these steps at the same time.  

2. IMPORTANT! If you've already created an AYSO Blue Sombrero account, DO NOT create another brand new account. Please login to your existing account. If you've never created an AYSO Blue Sombrero account before, go ahead and create one. 

3. When you enter your Blue Sombrero account, you should see a Dashboard similar to the image below. 

4. On the Blue Sombrero Dashboard, go ahead and select the VOLUNTEER TAB (left side of screen). 

5. On the next screen, select the FIND VOLUNTEER ROLES orange button on the upper right. 


At this stage, the next screen you see is either one of two screens. 
(1) The Fall 2019 Registration Option page (with jobs to choose from) 
(2) What appears to be a "Confirm and Checkout" page. (directly below)

If you see the confirm and checkout screen above, simply select the option highlighted in red called Program Information. Once you do that, you can select the Fall 2019 option. (Do not select the Volunteer my19 option)

6. View the Fall 2019 Volunteer section. Select a Volunteer role. In the instance below we'll be selecting Referee. 
If you'd like to volunteer as any other role, you will have to sign up for those roles as well.

When ready, hit the SIGN UP button then press Continue at the bottom of the screen. 

IMPORTANT! Make sure to select the option that correctly matches your child's division. 

7. On the next screen, select the person who will be volunteering then hit Continue. 

8. Fill out the required information on the information screen. When complete, hit Continue. 

9. Select the Click here to eSign Form.

10. Make sure all of the information provided on the actual application is correct. If it isn't correct, please go back and make any needed changes. If everything looks fine, make sure to agree to check off the agree to use an electronic signature box and type in your name. 

Also be sure to select the I am an adult of age button. 

11. When ready hit the Continue to Review box at the bottom of the screen. 

12. The following screen provides a final application verification step. This is your last chance to make any changes. If ready hit the Submit signed volunteer application button at the bottom of the screen. 




Verified Volunteers Process

1. Check the email account that your Blue Sombrero account is tied to. You should have received an email from [email protected] 

2. When you open the email, you should see the following image. Within this image select the link provided. 

3. After hitting the link, it will redirect you to the Verified Volunteers website. Please add your email address, date of birth, zip code then hit CONTINUE. 

4. If you've entered the correct information, your info will be validated. From here, you'll need to create a Verified Volunteers account. Choose a username and password, set up security questions, and check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at the bottom and then hit Create Account. 

5. On the Begin Your Background Check screen, add the requested information. Once done hit Continue. You will have a total of 4 screens of questions to complete. 

6. Once you've added all the required information, you'll need to select SUBMIT ORDER. 

7. Your background check, through Verified Volunteers, has been ordered. An email will be sent when AYSO has fully reviewed the background check! 

Phase #3: Coach Related Certifications

Coach Certifications & Training

New coaches will to go through a few more steps ASAP in order to qualify as a certified AYSO coach.

Coach & Referee Volunteers are required to complete two Safety modules in order to have experience and knowledge with various scenarios that will be necessary to keep our children safe. These modules only need to be completed once so if you’ve taken care of them in the past, there's no need to redo them. If you've never completed these Safety Modules they will need to be completed before being assigned a team. Find these modules at the following site: AYSOU

Safe Haven
1. Once logged into AYSOU, select My Courses on the main header bar. 

2. On the My Courses page, find AYSO's Safe Haven. Select the Open button. 

3. The next page contains all of the modules you'll need to complete to receive the Safe Haven Certificate. Once completed, the certification will automatically be uploaded to Blue Sombrero for you in order for AYSO Admins to review. 

CDC Concussion Training

1. Once logged into AYSOU, select My Courses on the main header bar. 

2. On the My Courses page, find CDC: Concussion Course. Select the Open button. 

3. On the next page, select the LAUNCH option. Go ahead and complete the Concussion Course. Once complete, AYSO admins will be notified. 

Lastly, each Coach will be required to have the necessary training completed equal to or exceeding the division that they will be coaching. IMPORTANT NOTE: The modules are in succession, meaning you’ll need to make sure to complete all modules leading up to your division.

1. Once logged into AYSOU, select My Courses on the main header bar. 

2. Select the division of your choice. Reminder: You will need to complete Coach training modules up 'til the division you've volunteered to coach. For example, if you're going to be a 10U Coach, you'll need to complete the 6U, 8U and 10U training. 

3. Once you've completed your required Coaching certificates, AYSO admins will receive notification in order to review your results. 

When you've completed the Safe Haven, Concussion Training and all required Coach Training Modules, you'll be certified as an AYSO Coach. Congrats!!! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Volunteers who are attempting to volunteer/coach 12U divisions and above, volunteers will need to sign up for in-person advanced training through 


If you have any questions regarding Spring/Fall Registrations, feel free to contact AYSO 1463's Registrar

Brian Neilson 

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