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Registration FAQS


As we get additional questions and information, we will update the FAQs below.

How do I sign up for the waitlist?
For new families, create an account on For current or returning families, just log into your account.  Click Register Now to see sessions that your player is eligible for.  Click the button to sign up for the waitlist. THEN click continue (or next) – and do all the steps – shopping cart/checkout/etc. You will get an email confirmation. There is no charge and credit card info is not collected. You will get an email confirming you are on the waitlist -- this is how you know you did it correctly.

If a spot opens up, we will send you an email advising you to log back in and pay if you are still interested in the spot. We give you a limited time to follow up, so that we can move to the next person on the waitlist if you don't register or communicate. We generally send a follow up email to families on the waitlist after the first weekend of the soccer season, with a status update. One benefit of being on the waitlist, is that we will send you the registration announcement for next year.

What are the chances of getting a spot if I register my player for the waitlist?
A player who is currently registered would have to drop out to create a new opening. Not impossible, but not highly likely. Your position on the waitlist will also matter.

Can you add another session? My player really wants to play soccer with Rivertowns AYSO.
We appreciate your enthusiasm, and we wish we could provide programming for all interested players! To be able to add new sessions, we need field space and additional NYCFC Coaches. NYCFC Youth Programs is always on the lookout for certified coaches, but candidates have to measure up on many fronts and the position has to offer more than an hour or two of work each week to attract qualified individuals.

If I register for a fall program, is the following spring included? 
For our recreational program, all players who register ahead of fall or during fall are signing up for both fall and spring.

If I register for a spring program, is the following fall included? 

Can my registered player switch into a different group?
Email [email protected] to ask about openings in the other group -- switching is only possible if the group has an opening.

Who leads the weekly training sessions for our recreational program?
NYCFC Coaches lead training sessions our recreational program (except for the high school team). NYCFC Coaches are licensed, trained, certified soccer coaches. Many of them have played soccer at a high level. They are subject-matter experts who play, watch, and teach soccer. They have special training to work with youth players, from beginners to experienced youth athletes. Advantages to having NYCFC Coaches:

>>> For volunteer parent coaches -- whether experienced parent coaches, or, considering it for the future -- observing from the sidelines offers a vantage for learning techniques, drills, and so forth.

>>> For our players -- having subject-matter experts teaching them will benefit their growth and development as players.

>>> For players interested in joining our travel program in the future, the NYCFC Coaches are uniquely positioned to assess players and provide honest feedback and advice to parents, if asked. The NYCFC Coaches always have the player’s best interest in mind, and can communicate the rational for continuing with recreational soccer versus trying out and/or joining a travel team.

Can I drop my player off and run errands?
Rivertowns AYSO is NOT a drop-off, and we need a parent or guardian on the field for each player to support that player as needed.

What if I have two children at two different fields at the same time?
If you can't have a parent or guardian at the field with each player, do not sign up for groups that meet at the same time.

Can I sign up my player up for more than one session?
Even if your player is super enthusiastic and would play soccer all day, we ask that you sign each player up for one session only. The system does not prevent this, that is why we are asking and relying on the honor system. Players signed up for two sessions will be unregistered from one of them. If there are slots still available close to opening weekend, we will share that information and give you an opportunity to sign up for another session.

Can my player go to another time session as a makeup if they miss one?
No. We need to maintain our group sizes for the best possible experience for all players and do not allow players to switch into other groups as a one-off.

Is cost of the uniform included when I register? What about the gear?
No, you need to purchase the uniform and the gear separately. Your registration does not include these items. If you already have a Rivertowns AYSO uniform, keep on wearing it, no need to purchase a new one if yours still fits.

What does the uniform cost?
$40 (approx)  -- order it directly from the vendor; it is delivered to your home
Go to the UNIFORMS tab - Rivertowns AYSO Uniforms - for the link to the vendor. Read all the FAQs before buying.

What gear is required? Where do I get it?
Shin guards (required) available at sporting good stores
Cleats (recommended) available at sporting good stores
Water bottle (required)
Ball (required) available at sporting good stores
Size 3 - PreK, K, 1st, 2nd
Size 4 - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
Size 5 - 7th, 8th, HS

What To Do If ….

>>> Your player does not get a spot. Register for the waitlist in the system so we know you are interested if a slot opens up. That is the only mechanism we use.

>>> You are convinced your player has to be in a group with friends to be able to enjoy soccer. Please join because the activity is the priority. By all means, arrange to meet friends at the playground before or after the session.

>>> Your player’s uniform has not arrived yet. Wear comfy, sport clothes until it does.

>>> Your player is a little hesitant because they are new to soccer, or have not played in a while. Give it a little time. They can come over to you for a hug, and watch for a bit, if that makes them feel better.


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