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What is AYSO Schoolyard?

AYSO Schoolyard is a early child soccer introduction program for 4 & 5 year kids. The objective of this program is to introduce soccer skills to them in fun interactive manner.  They will learn how to "kick the ball" to score and to "dribble the ball" to move into scoring position. They will learn these skills by playing fun games with help from a trained coach and in collaboration with the parent or guardian.

Where will my child play?

Grant Middle School 
1111 Easterday Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

How long are AYSO Schoolyard sessions?

The sessions should be no more than 60 minutes at a time (including rests and breaks). 30 mins of fun learning games and a 20 min scrimmage.

How do parents participate?

Parents help take turns organizing the teams, setting up fields and supervising the program. While their children are playing, parent volunteers keep time, but interfere with play as little as possible. There are only a few reasons to stop play in Jamboree games. If a child is not playing well with others, or if play must pause for injury, substitution, confusion, or to watch a flock of birds fly by, parents can quickly direct attention back to the game.

Is there competition in AYSO Schoolyard?

In Jamboree, goals are not counted to determine who wins – every player is a winner. Young players need to get a feel for the ball and the field, so even though there are adults all around and many opportunities to offer instruction, the emphasis is on fun and play. It’s a different kind of game in 5U, but the children still wear jerseys or pinnies, cleats and shin guards. Best of all, they find out that soccer is something they can do!

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