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MAJOR Update on the LAWS of the GAME:

Law 3 - The Players: (14-19U) The substituted players must now leave from the nearest boundary line

Law 5 - The Referee: Referees can now show coaches yellow and red cards

Law 8 - The Start & Restart of Play: The winner of the coin toss may now choose either to kick off or which goal to attack

Law 9 - The Ball in & out of Play: The ball is now considered out of play when it touches the referee in certain circumstances

Law 12 - Fouls & Misconduct: Handling the ball - Major change to the interpretation of a handball offense

    - Fouls & Misconduct: A goalkeeper can now use their hand/arm in their own penalty area after a deliberate kick or throw-in from a team-mate under certain conditions

    - Fouls & Misconduct: The referee can delay showing a yellow or red card under certain circumstances

Law 13 - Free Kicks: The indirect free kick signal does not have to be maintained if it is clear that a goal cannot be scored directly

Law 14 - The Penalty Kick: Changes in penalty kick procedure
The goalposts, crossbar, and goal net must not be moving.
The goalkeeper must not touch the goalposts, crossbar, or goal net until the ball has been kicked. 
The goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot touching or in line with the goal line when the ball is kicked. 

Law 16 - The Goal Kick: The ball is now in play when it is kicked and clearly moves


IFAB app for mobile devices — includes Laws and Law changes
IFAB training — Law changes, with rationale and videos


Coaches Home

Last season, our region had 415 volunteers coaching 444 teams.  Our coach volunteers range from parents with no soccer experience coaching for the first time to seasoned veterans who have coached 10 seasons or more.

As a coach, you will motivate, congratulate, teach, encourage, drill, console, strategize, lead, and mentor a small group of children or young adults for 20 weeks.  Even if you have no soccer experience, AYSO will help teach you the principles of the game and how to coach kids to have fun and learn soccer.  You'll learn about the game and you'll likely love it so much you'll become a coach next year.

All coaches must be registered volunteers.  Go to the registration link above, log in, and follow the prompts to complete volunteer registration.  Please ensure you complete the entire process, including the esignature at the end.  If you are a first time voluntter, print a copy of your volunteer application and and take it to a training class.  You will be asked to sign the form in front of an AYSO board member who will check your picture ID and take your form.  

Here we have a collection of useful information for our coaches.  Take a look around and see what information is available. 


At the start of the season, coaches get a box of uniforms for their players that includes a range of sizes to fit a typical cross section of our players.  But not all teams are typical.  So we have a way for you to get more uniforms, a larger uniform, or a smaller uniform.  Download the Uniform Order Form, fill it out, and email it to the equipment manager.  The equipment manager will check the form, let you know if there are questions, and order your uniforms for you.  You should get them in a couple of weeks.

Practice Parks

AYSO has permission to practice on different parks around town.  All coaches must sign up for a practice park where you will hold your practices.

The procedures have changed this year for practice park sign up.  When you find a park you want use, email your request to the Park Coordinator with your Name, Team Number, Age Division, Actual name of Park, Day(s) you will practice, and Time(s) you will practice.  The Park Coordinator will then add you to that park if there is space available. All parks, dates, and times are first come first serve and are available on approval from CABQ and APS. 

It is always a good idea to visit the park on your intended practice days and times to see how crowded it is, and whether there is space available for your practice.

Coaches – You are our local representatives at the parks.  Please help your parents understand that we share all parks with all other youth sports.  Cooperate with other users and try to de-conflict the use of space.  Please be respectful, and if you cannot work out any park space issues on your own, please contact the Park Coordinator.

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ACT Coach Nominations dues 10/25/2019

ACT Tryouts 11/09/2019 Time and Place TBD

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