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Lightning Guidlines

With the chances of storms every weekend we wanted to send out a reminder that, If we see any lightning or hear any thunder AYSO policy is stop the games and clear the fields of all players for 30 minutes. Every time you see lightning or hear thunder, that 30 minute time starts over. The referee is the only person who can cancel the game, as an additional reminder, only the Regional Board can cancel games for the day.

Cold Weather Guidlines

Living in the great state of NM, we never know what the weather will be from one minute to the next. Below are some tips to combat cold weather injuries. We post weekly Safety tips on our Facebook page, if you aren't following please go give us a follow. We will use it for communication as well.  Here is the link to FB page


Dressing for the cold
When temperatures drop and wind increases, the body loses
heat more rapidly. It is important to dress appropriately when
training or playing in cold weather. This also means to
not overdress. Layering clothing in a specific way is recommended and very effective. The layers can be added or removed based on body temperature and changing environmental conditions, such as temperature and wind. Allow players to wear additional clothing, like gloves, sweatshirts, sweat pants and/or hats or headbands. Also, avoid sweating before going outside because your body will cool too quickly.

Stay Dry
Wet and damp conditions add to the risk of injury or illness
during cold weather. Players, coaches and referees should
recognize these factors and use additional caution to watch for
potential cold injuries. If players do get wet during training or play, remove wet or saturated clothing and replace it with dry clothing. This becomes more important if the individual will remain out of play or anticipates standing around for a prolonged period of time. A hat, gloves and extra pair of socks can also keep extremities dry in case of snow or rain.

Stay Hydrated
Cold weather often reduces our ability to recognize that we
are becoming dehydrated. If you are thirsty you have already
become dehydrated. Try putting warm or hot water in a water
bottle so that your water doesn’t freeze when training for
extended amounts of time outside.

Take Action
If someone is suffering from a cold-related illness, get him or
her into a warm location as soon as possible. Identify a nearby
warming location before the start of training or play.
During games provide blankets or other items for players to
stay warm while they are on the bench and allow additional
substitutions or warming breaks.

Wind Chill
Even prolonged exposure in relatively mild
temperatures can lead to frostbite. The National Weather
Service wind chill chart can serve as a guide to safe play in
cold weather

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