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South Huntington Beach Community Soccer Club

Region 56

About Region 56 in Huntington Beach

AYSO Region 56 is was started in 1975, Celebrating its 48th year of commitment to the kids in the community of South Huntington Beach. We are also the home of the - all players play 3 quarters rule for age groups U4 - U12 for regular fall season when team number allow. American Youth Soccer Organization's (AYSO) mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, family environment based on the AYSO philosophies.

Not only does region 56 offer an award winning recreational Soccer experience for all children, but Region 56 also has a competitive program called EXTRA.  We also offer AYSO United Soccer club program. With the Extra and AYSO United programs region 56 offers a higher level of play and coaching.

Region 56 has grown to become a top notch award winning program. Those awards include:

  • Presidents Circle 2013 
  • National Region of the Year 2014
  • Platinum Status 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019*
  • Area K Region of the Year 2016
  • Section 11 Region of the Year 2016
  • Area K Region of the Year 2019
  • Area K Region of the Year 2020
  • Area K Region of the Year 2022
* AYSO suspended medal awards in 2020 and has not reinstated.

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FAQ #1

Where do my fees go?

Each individual region operates separately, covering all their own expenses.  When you pay your fall registration you are charged a separate line item for the National Registration fee component of $25.  This covers National expenses such as staffing, our registration system, on-line training, and it includes volunteer and player supplemental insurance.  The balance of the fee goes towards running our Region.

Different regions have differing expenses.  For example, different regions may have to pay different expenses for fields, storage, or very large geographic regions may have travel expenses.

As a percentage of your registration fees, here is where your fees go:

FAQ #2

How much more will participating cost me?

 You can expect some minor additional expenses during the season.

  • Player equipment, players should have a ball and shin guards for practice, cleats are recommended.
  • Team Banner & Snacks: Approximately $30.00
  • Pizza Party / Coaches Gift / misc: Approximately $30.00
  • SoccerFest Team Basket: We suggest $10 per family, can be donated
  • Team Sponsorship:  Each team through U14 is required to provide for a team sponsor.  A team may find a team sponsor, if no team sponsor is obtained each team shall collectively pay for sponsorship as follows: U5-U8 - $195, U9-U14 - $235.

It is our goal to keep AYSO affordable for all our families. Should a family need assistance they can always reach out to the Registrar or RC and inquire about available scholarships.  

FAQ #3

How can I help make Region 56 great?

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization at all levels with the exception of a small National office staff.  AYSO depends on volunteers that want to make the program the best it can be for our families and kids.

Our Region volunteers work at all aspects of the season, from setting up registration, creating teams, scheduling games, requesting field permits, ordering uniforms, coordinating photo’s,  organizing SoccerFest, paying the bills, setting up the fields, ordering & checking equipment, referee and coach training, ordering trophies, player cards, yearbooks, answering questions, and much more!

Our web site has a page of board member positions and we are always looking for help!   If you are looking for a challenge, a way to make a difference, or a small job you can do on your lunch break, we have a job for everyone, and we need everyone!

To view our board positions:

We are also always looking for your input.  If you can join us one night a month we are always looking for volunteers to join our board meetings.  AYSO Region 56 is here for all our families and it is very important to us that we get your input!

FAQ #4

When do we play?

Fall season starts August 1st.   We try and have teams out prior to this date and most teams will start practicing sometime in August.

Games will start the 2nd weekend of September.

Our lower divisions, U8 and below, will normally play until mid-November with a season of 8 to 10 games.

Upper Division Play offs:  Our upper divisions, U9 and above, will on average play an 8 game season.  Teams may qualify for playoffs if they accumulate enough volunteer points.  Playoffs are scheduled at the end of the 8 game season.  The region teams that win play off’s will advance to Area Play offs, held in November.  The Area team that win’s will move to Section Playoffs scheduled in February.

FAQ #5

On the Pitch

Few fun facts about our fields:  Most AYSO Regions utilize either School or City fields for their programs.  AYSO Region 56 utilizes both HBCSD and City fields.  

Why are our fields in the condition they are?  Unfortunately, we are not able to do work on the fields since they are either City or School District fields.  We regularly reach to both in regards to the condition of the fields.  If you have a concern we please let us know and we will reach out, but your added communication will also help!

We are continuing to work with both HBCSD and the City to assure that youth sports fields are available, at a reasonable cost, for our program, our community, and our kids!   If you would like to help, please reach out!   You can contact us for information, we encourage all our families to let HBCSD and the City know you agree!

FAQ #6

The ABC's & 123’s of AYSO

AYSO is an all volunteer organization with the exception of the National Staff.   AYSO is built from the ground up:

Regions – Regions are designated by number, (i.e. Region 56).  Depending on populations Regions can be several square miles, as Region 56, or many hundreds of miles in less densely populated areas.

Areas – Areas are designated by letter.  Region 56 is in Area K.  Areas are made up of several Regions, usually 4 to 8.  There are roughly 100 Areas in AYSO.

Sections - AYSO divides the country into 14 geographic Sections based on player population.  Each Section has multiple Areas.  Area K is in Section 11, along with 7 other Areas.

We are Section 11, Area K, Region 56; 11K56

FAQ #7

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering for AYSO could be one of the most rewarding things you do for you AND for your kids.  But nothing worth doing comes easy… but also isn’t too difficult.   The steps to volunteering include:

  • Signing up to volunteer in your Sports Connect profile.
  • Once signed up you will receive an e-mail from Sterling asking you to complete your background check.
  • AYSO requires volunteers to complete several training classes, most of these, and at the lower divisions, all of them, can be completed on line. While there are several classes, they all include important information that can help keep your players, and kids, safe during a multitude of activities. These include:
    • Safe Haven – a child safely course
    • CDC Concussion guidelines
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    • SafeSport
    • For Coaches & Referees there is an additional coach or ref course. For Referee’s and Coaches for U10 and above there is an in-person training component.
  • There are two additional requirements for all youth sports, one is a new State of CA fingerprinting requirement, the second is a new Federal Safe Sport on-line class requirement.

The good news is that we can help walk you through the process and many of these classes are a one-time requirement. 

FAQ #8

There are no rules.. (there are Laws)

Soccer does not have any rules…. It has Laws.  There are 17 laws that guide the game;

Law #1 – The Field of Play

Law #2 – The Ball

Law #3 – The Number of Players

Law #4 – The Players Equipment

Law #5 – The Referee

Law #6 – The Assistant Referees

Law #7 – The Duration of the Match

Law #8 – The Start and Restart of Play

Law #9 – The Ball in and Out of Play

Law #10 – Determining the Outcome of the March

Law #11 – Offside

Law #12 – Fouls and Misconduct

Law #13 – Free Kicks

Law #14 – The Penalty Kick

Law #15 – The Throw In

Law #16 – The Goal Kick

Law #17 – The Corner Kick

We recommend that all coaches and parents consider reviewing the Laws of the game, and ideally take the AYSO Basic Referee class.  The Laws can be found at the following link: 

FAQ #9


Volunteerism is a form of helping in which people actively seek out opportunities to assist others in need, make considerable and continuing commitments to provide assistance, and sustain these commitments over extended periods of time, often at considerable personal cost. Several features mark it as a distinctive form of helping. - ScienceDirect

Volunteerism is a basic expression of human relationships. It is about people’s need to participate in their societies and to feel that they matter to others.  – UN Volunteers

We know creating the time to volunteer is tough.  We also know the hours that you spend with and for your child are invaluable.

It is important that AYSO Region 56 serves all of our families, and to do that we need you!  We need your input and your help.  There are a range of volunteer opportunities, big and small!  We’d like to hear from you and welcome all of you to join AYSO Region 56.  If interested in joining the board in any capacity please e-mail [email protected].

FAQ #10

AYSO Six Philosophies

AYSO’s Six Philosophies are principles that separate AYSO from other sports organizations. These tenets were created to provide a positive, fair and fun soccer experience for all our players.

These Philosophies are:

Everyone Plays

Balanced Teams

Open Registration

Positive Coaching

Good Sportsmanship

Player Development

These philosophies are the core of how we run our programs and all that we do for our players.

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