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Spring Soccer

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Season!

Links to Game Schedules (Spring 2024):

Once in the link, go to Standings, then choose your division and choose your coach.

U6 & U8:

U10, U12, U14:



If there is rain and you are not sure if your game will still be played, Matchtrak is your official source. If the game does not show “postponed” or “cancelled”, you game will be played.

Spring Program Outline:

The Spring soccer program in Region 56 is designed to give coaches and players an opportunity to enhance their soccer skills, travel and have fun in the spring sun.  We offer recreational and competitive divisions. 

To Register for the Spring Season
* Please do not register using a phone. Feedback is that not all the functionality works if you attempt to register with your phone.
* Go to
* In the upper righthand corner, choose the button "Register Now"
* Create an account or log into your existing account
* Each child will be listed with the soccer programs available to them. Choose "View Division" next to each child for the program you want, then choose 'Select". 
* This will take you to the checkout. There is no charge when you initially register. Later, if your child is assigned to a team, you will receive another email requesting payment.

Spring soccer is a Coach Select program, meaning coaches may select players of his/her choice in accordance with the Region 56 Spring guidelines.   Spring season practices can begin February 1st, with games scheduled March through May. ALL U8 AND ABOVE TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE  ASSIGNED TEAM REFEREES BEFORE THEY ARE APPROVED TO PLAY.

* Please see our EPIC program description on our website under "Play Soccer".
* The number of registratants accepted into the Spring program depends on the number of volunteer head coaches in the spring. If interest exceeds the number of volunteer head coaches, they are placed on a wait list in the order received. If more people volunteer to head coach, kids are taken off the waitlist and placed on a team.  
* A uniform is included.
* There is usually one practice per week. There is one game each Saturday during the season.
* Fee is $50 and is paid at initial registration if you are not placed on the waitlist.

U4 Playground Soccer Program
* Please see our Playground program description on our website under "Play Soccer".
* All who register are accepted into the Spring program and a uniform is included.
* Sessions are administered by Pro Touch Soccer. They take place for one hour each Saturday for ten weeks during the Spring season.
* Fee is $120 and is paid at initial registration. 

Recreational, All-Star and EXTRA Divisions (U5 to U19)
* Spring soccer is a Coach Select program so ask your fall coach or other volunteer coaches if you can join their spring team. Then go to the region web site and register for the Spring Soccer program. 
* If you are not able to find a coach, still go to the region web site and register for the Spring Soccer program. Your name will be added to the division waitlist in the order it is received.
* No registration payment will be required until you are assigned to a team.
* As coaches submit their rosters, you will be assigned to a team.
* If coach rosters are not complete teams, those who could not find a coach will be assigned to a team based on their position on the waitlist.
* Once added to a team you will receive an email asking you to complete your registration and pay the fee.
Players will be notified by Mid-February if they were placed on a team. Due to fewer volunteer head coaches in the Spring season, we can not guarantee placement of your child onto a team.
* Depending on age, you can expect 1-2 practices per week. Divisions may play in Area (nearby AYSO regions, outside of AYSO 56) with a game each Saturday or Sunday during the season. Most games are Saturdays.
* A uniform is not included and must be ordered and paid by any players needing one (a team may re-use their fall season uniform to save money so only new players would need to order one). More information for ordering uniforms is further below.
* Fee is $100. It is not collected at initial registration. Once you are assigned to a team, an email will be sent to you to confirm you were placed on a team and ask for payment.

* For all divisions listed, if you have not paid the annual National AYSO fee, it is required and is $20 in addition to the fees listed above.
* Eligible families will receive multiple child and military discounts
* Once players accept a Spring position and completes registration we do not offer refunds. 
* Some divisions may be combined based on participation. For example, U5 and U6 may be combined, U7 and U8 may be combined, U9 and U10 may be combined, etc.  In the Spring, the U8 division will play with goal keepers.


If you would like to form a spring team Here are the steps:

1.   Complete the Spring Coach Application and e-mail it to [email protected]. This application is found in the link on the right side of this page.

2.     Contact players to play on your team.  Ask them to sign up for the Spring Soccer program.  (Please note, the sign up process for spring is two steps, sign up and then completing registration after roster are approved).

3.     Submit your completed roster form to the Spring Coordinator by email ([email protected]) by January 22, 2024. The form is posted on the web site or can be requested from the spring coordinator.  (If you need more players, we will help you fill the open spots.) Please include your required list of referees.

4.     Once roster is submitted and approved you will receive an email. Your players will receive an e-mail to complete registration and will be added to your team.  

5.     Start practice anytime after February 1

6.     Order uniforms or use uniforms from Fall. See below for details.

7.     Games start – March 2024

8.     HAVE FUN!

Coaching is a privilege and only those coaches who have demonstrated the AYSO philosophies are eligible to coach in the spring. 

Coaches must be certified to coach their prospective division and have all certifications; Safe Haven, CDC Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Please see below for additional general program information:

Player Eligibility:

    •    Players will play in the same division as they did in the previous fall season.  Players may request to play up a division.
    •    Recreational League teams may not have more than two (2) All Star Players in the U10 or U12 divisions, and no more than three (3) All Star Players in the U14 division.   Recreational League teams may not have any EXTRA Players, Club Players or Competitive Level Guest Players.  There is no limit on the number of Recreational Level Guest Players that may be on a Recreational League team.
    •    Select League teams in the U10 & U12 divisions are allowed a maximum of three (3) Competitive Level Guest Players.  Select League teams in the U14 division are allowed a maximum of four (4) Competitive Level Guest Players.   
    •    All U9 teams may play in the U10 recreational division (depending on the overall number of teams).  U9 will also follow U10 division rules.

Number of Players:
The maximum number of players allowed on each team is as follows:
     •    U06       6-8 players fielding   5 v 5  (maximum 2 substitutes)
     •    U08       6-8 players fielding   6 v 6  (maximum 2 substitutes)
     •    U10     10 players fielding   7 v 7  (maximum 3 substitutes)
     •    U12     12 players fielding   9 v 9  (maximum 3 substitutes)
     •    U14     15 players fielding 11 v 11 (maximum 4 substitutes)
     •    U16     18 players fielding 11 v 11 (maximum 7 substitutes)
     •    U19     18 players fielding 11 v 11 (maximum 7 substitutes) 

In the Spring, all teams are responsible for ordering their own uniforms.  All uniforms must be in accordance with AYSO National Rules and Regulations which means that the  AYSO LOGO  MUST BE ON THE FRONT OF THE SHIRT and NO ADVERTISING or TEAM NAMES on the jerseys. Our region orders uniforms from Score Sports and it is easiest for you to contact and oder from them. Their website is

Injuries and Property Damage:

All injuries to a player must be reported to the player Regional Safety Director immediately.  Damage caused by a participant must be reported to the Spring Coordinator.

Teams must meet the following requirements in order to form a spring team:
    •    U6 through U8:  Teams are required to provide 1 referee who will referee their own games as center referee.
    •    U10 through U19:  Teams must provide a 3 person referee team.  The referee schedule will be assigned.  Each referee team will be expected to honor their assigned games or provide certified coverage.

The first game of the day is responsible for setting up the field.   Both team are responsible for lining the field.  Each team is responsible for setting up one of the goals.  All goals must be securely anchored with a minimum of four stakes.  Please arrive one hour prior to game time to set up your field.  If you are the last game of the day, both teams are required to tear down and return all equipment to the equipment bins.
Each team is responsible for cleaning up their area after practices and games.  Our soccer fields are precious commodities and we must all do our part to keep them clean and hazard free

If you have any questions, you may e-mail the Spring Coordinator at: [email protected].
Encourage our players to play hard, display good sportsmanship and represent our Region well.  Encourage our parents to sit back, relax and enjoy watching their child play soccer.
**All information is subject to change


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