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Coaches Corner

A coach can be the most influential person in a child’s life. In AYSO, Positive Coaching is a fundamental philosophy because of the crucial role that a coach has. Coaching in AYSO is a chance to spend quality time with your own child but you’ll also provide an important role model for all the children on your team. In fact, the joy of coaching is so meaningful, that many AYSO coaches continue coaching long after their own children have moved on from AYSO. Soccer knowledge is a plus, but AYSO provides training and materials so that even a soccer novice can coach effectively by starting in the younger age divisions. Being a coach involves skills you probably already have in addition to specific soccer knowledge. If you are uncertain, try being an assistant coach. Your Region's Coach Administrator will be happy to try to match you up with somebody with a little more experience.

If you have any questions, please email your Region's Coach Administrator at [email protected].

Schedules and Standings


Once in the link, go to Standings, then choose your division and choose your coach.

U6 & U8: 

If there is rain and you are not sure if your game will still be played, Matchtrak is your official source. If the game does not show “postponed” or “cancelled”, your game will be played.

Enter score by navigating to specific game in Matchtrak. Click "submit" next to the game to report score. Enter score and password (contact Coach Admin if you do not know the password)

Team Referee points are available in Matchtrak. Scroll down below your schedule.  Referee meeting points will be added to your total Referee game points. 

Coach's Meeting Notes:  coachmeeting2023.pdf

Practice Training Ideas

When kids are surveyed about the top reasons they play sports, they respond (1) to have fun, (2) to be with friends, (3) for the excitement of competition, and (4) to learn new things. The top reasons they say they quit sports are (1) criticism and yelling, (2) emphasis on winning, (3) boredom and (4) lack of playing time. Notice that winning didn;t make the top of their list!

Make sure to plan practices for fun and be careful with how you correct mistakes so they don't sound critical or like you are yelling at them!

1. AYSO Region 56 Ten Week Practice Plan
Click link to view the practice plan. While it was created for use with U8 and younger, there are several trainings that can be used or modified for all ages.
Use the link immediately below to access the practice plans.

2. Mojo
Mojo is a free app that allows you to communicate with your team, show practice, game and other events and allows players to RSVP attendance.
For coaches, Mojo also has several drills. The set-up and coaching points are set up as short videos. Find these drills by either downloading the app or searching "Mojo" on YouTube. The great part about the Mojo content is how they "gamify" the drills to ensure fun!
In the app, there is an option where the app will create a practice for you based on practice duration, players age and skill level.

3. The Coaching Manual
The Coaching Manual is an app that has several drills. The set-up and coaching points are set up as short videos. 
Use the link immediately below to access the Coaching Manual for free.

4. As you coach U10 and above, the field becomes a lot bigger! You'll still want to work on technical skills like dribbling, passing, trapping, etc. With the bigger field, you'll also want to work on positions and coordinating all the players to work together. There are as many opinions on how to do things as there are coaches but here are a few videos that we suggest to help guide you in coordinating your team to work together on a larger field. These are for 7v7 but work with 9v9 and 11v11. Don't be impatient - these ideas may take a whole season for you and for the kids to really understand! Even if you just are able to execute on the first video by season-end, that would be a success!

  (a) Build out of the back (from goal kick or winning ball back): View this video
  (b) Progressing through the midfield: View this video 
  (c) How to attack by your opponent's goal: View this video

Frequently Asked Coach Questions

How do I generate a line-up card for games (to provide to referees)?
  • Log into your Sportsconnect account and the name of the team is in blue text next to your child's name. Click that blue text.
  • This takes you to Team Central. Choose the "Roster" view and then pick the blue button "Edit Roster" to the right.
  • Enter each player uniform number in the "No." field next to each player. When done, hit the blue "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pick "Print Team Line Up" just below where it says "Roster" and "Calendar"
  • This will generate 4 line-up cards. Either press the printer icon to print or export to a differeent file type to save and print.
How do I view my roster and parent contact information?
  • Log into your Sportsconnect account and the name of the team is in blue text next to your child's name. Click that blue text.
  • This takes you to Team Central. Choose the "Roster" view and then pick "Print Roster" just below where it says "Roster"
  • This will take you to a list of field values you can choose. One will be the parent email called "Primary account email"
  • Hit "Generate Roster" in the lower right to view emails and other fields you checked.


Area K rules (2023-24)
lick HERE. Note occasionally, Region 56 rules vary.

What is the U10 Build-out Line?
Click HERE for a video explaining the build-out line.
This video is useful but note that AYSO Region 56 does a couple things different from what the video states:
a) we do not award indirect free kicks when a goalie punts the ball or when the offense crosses the build out line early. Instead, we use it as a teachable moment by stopping play, explaining the rules and allowing them to re-do the play. If it is repetitive, the referee then may choose to award an indirect free kick.
b) We also do not have a 6 second requirement for goalies to get rid of the ball.

Rules Quick Reference Chart

Goal Set-Up and Take-Down

QuickPlay Goals

For a 2 minute video instructing how to set up Quickplay goals, CLICK HERE

For a 2 minute video instructing how to break down and store Quickplay goals, CLICK HERE

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