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Volunteer Playoffs

AYSO Region 56 has Volunteer Appreciation Playoffs at the end of each fall season. Only the region 56 fall teams that earned enough volunteer points through out the season get to participate. It is only for age levels U9 - U14 Boys and Girls. This tournament starts immediately following the regular fall season and lasts about two weeks. The top two teams in each age group gets trophies.

Is your teams going to Play in the Volunteer Appreciation Playoffs?
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Volunteer Appreciation Play-Offs (VAP)

Qualifying Policy


For Qualifying U09 through U14 teams that would like to participate REGION 56 REGULAR FALL 2010-2011 SEASON TEAMS ONLY

Team Formation: Teams are comprised of U09 – U14 Regular Fall Teams Only. No roster change can be made from the regular season.

Qualifying Guidelines:
1. Coach MUST have completed a current Volunteer Form* 
2. Coach MUST be Coach Safe Haven Certified.* 
3. Coach MUST have completed the age appropriate training certification for Region 56 and Area K* 
*Note: For 1, 2 and 3 above, this includes Assistant coaches. 
4. Teams MUST earn 80 volunteer points as outlined under Summary of Volunteer Points System. 
5. Teams/Coach shall be in good standings with AYSO and shall not have had any disciplinary action taken against them this season (including during post season play).
  a. Regional Commissioner or Executive Board shall have sole discretion to consider whether to allow a coach or team to participate that has had disciplinary action taken during the course of the season or post season play.
6. Teams MUST provide a three person referee team for the playoffs. 
7. Awards:1st and 2nd place teams in each division will receive an award 
8. *Advancing to Area Play: Each U10-U14 team winning their division may advance to area K play to represent Region 56 if all qualifying requirements are met. Note: U9 does NOT advance to Area play.
  a. Coach MUST have completed AREA K required coach certification levels to advance to AREA K play*, which currentlyare: 
1. U10: U10 Coach certification
2. U12: U12 Coach certification
3. U14: Intermediate Coach certification (plus prerequisite of U12 Coach)
4. U16-U19: Advanced Coach certification (plus prerequisite of Intermediate)
     b. *Should winning team for Region 56 play-offs not have a properly Certified Coach (in good standings) in accordance with Region 56 and Area K requirements, that team will not advance unless AREA K approves the assignment of another appropriately certified Coach to be assigned to that team. It is not expected that such approval will be given.
 Any team not meeting this requirement is NOT entitled to advance. It is important all coaches/teams understand that it is the policy that each team MUST have an appropriately certified coach.
  c. Teams MUST provide a three person referee team for the playoffs.
  d. Subject to Area requirements and/or guidelines.
  e. *Required Coach Certification is subject to change.

NOTE: Teams will have points deducted if the fields are left with trash. All teams are responsible for picking up their trash. Please see Job Description for Field Maintenance Volunteer. If your team takes over a messy field, they should pick up the trash themselves and contact Their Division Coordinator as points may be deducted. 

Summary of Volunteer Points System

The following point system will be used to qualify teams for Post Season Play-offs

1. A team must earn a total of 80 points as outlined below to meet the volunteer point requirements.
*In order to keep you informed, all team should attend all Mandatory Meetings.

a. Pre-season Coaches Meeting 10 points

b. Team Coordinator Meeting 7 points

c. Mid/Late Season Coaches Meeting 7 points

d. Regional Volunteer 10 points*

e. Total Referee Points 46 points**

Total Points 80 Points***

*Soccer Festival or other Regional volunteer work as assigned.

**Includes Mandatory Referee Meeting. Each referee in attendance shall earn 2 pts, max of 6 points.

***Note: Out of the 80 points a minimum of 46 referee points must be earned

A. *All teams are responsible for scheduling enough games to referee to earn the minimum amount of required referee points. (Whether or not your team officiates a specific game). See #3, #4, and #5 under “Further explanation of volunteer points” for more information.

B. For the first three weeks of Fall Season a team may sign up for no more referee assignments than an amount equal to 14 referee points. This is designed to give all teams an opportunity to sign up for games. You are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to help ensure we have coverage the first few weeks of Fall Season. Referee will earn 5 points per center & 3 points per AR officiated.
*Note, providing center Referee for U16, U19 and for PLUS/FLEX teams may be greater, TBD.


**The Region 56 Board understands that they may need to adjust referee points needed to qualify as deemed necessary due to number of games scheduled (available referee points) during the regular fall season. This is solely at the discretion of Region 56 Board and changes, if necessary will be posted on Region 56 website as soon as reasonably possible.


1. Each team shall be responsible for meeting their obligation to provide referees for games.

2. Each team shall be responsible for signing up to referee for a minimum of assignments to meet their referee points.

3. A team MAY trade or otherwise have their assigned game(s) covered by an appropriate, qualified referee, thereby earning points for a designated team, PROVIDED THAT THE REFEREE/AR(s) properly fill out the back of game card indicating Referee/AR’s names and Coach/Team and Gender of team you are refereeing for. *Referee administrator may designate other appropriate method of documenting and tracking of referee points which shall be posted or provided to coaches, if changed.

4. It is ultimately the responsibility of the team assigned to ensure their game is covered. If a game is not covered, whether or not a team had arranged for coverage by others, the responsibility for that game is still the team that is assigned for that game. If for any reason your assigned game is not covered, you will not be entitled to earn those referee points.

5. Teams may not give or receive points from another team. In other words, another team MAY referee for you, earning your team points, provided they properly complete game card awarding the appropriate team those points however a team may NOT shift their previously earned points to your team at a later date/time.


7. It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that all referees bring with them to all games their flag and full referee uniform. HOWEVER, if a referee provides referee/AR coverage for a game they were not assigned and are not in uniform, that referee or AR will be entitled to earn referee points provided they are certified to referee at the level of play they are refereeing and properly fill out game card, indicating the team coach, division and gender they officiated for. 
Note: points for coach courses will be earned only if training certification is at or above level of coaching. It is the goal of Region 56 Executive Board to offer an exceptional, enjoyable and rewarding experience, to our youth and all of our volunteers which of course include our parents. Please let your parents know they are an important part of our program. Coach acknowledges that the Region 56 Fall Season consists of scheduled regular play and does NOT include Post Season Play-offs. Teams qualifying for post season Play-offs prior to Mid/Late Season Coaches meeting will qualify for a drawing for prizes which will be held at the Mid/Late Season Coaches meeting. *For every 5 points earned over the minimum 80 points required, each coach for teams earning such additional points will earn an additional ticket for drawings to be held at Mid/Late Season Coaches meeting. A great amount of consideration has been given to this policy in an effort to provide full referee coverage for our games, to help create an environment where all teams can earn their way into the VAP, to encourage our coaches to participate in additional training and to encourage volunteerism to help ensure everyone’s experience at Region 56 is the best possible….one to be looked back on fondly for years to come. it is important to understand that as with any major changes, it is possible there may be issues that arise that may create unintended results therefore it is understood that this policy is subject to change as may be deemed appropriate by Region 56 Executive Board. Should changes be made, they will be posted on the Region 56 website as soon as reasonably possible. These guidelines and policies are subject to change. I have read the above “AYSO Region 56 Volunteer Appreciation Play-Offs (VAP) Policy” and understand that registration fees for the fall season cover regular season games only and DO NOT include Post Season Play-Offs. Post Season Play-offs are only offered to U9 through U14 teams that qualify in accordance with AYSO Region 56 policy. It is the coach’s responsibility to inform their team parents/players of this policy prior to beginning of the season.


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