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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ABOUT FALL CORE:

Q: What is Core? How Long Does it run?

A: Core is our main season. It takes place from late August- Mid November (for U8 and under) and late August- early December for U10 and older)

Q: Can I request a friend to be placed on my child’s team?

A: No, players are placed on a balanced team with members of the community. It is a great way to meet others they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to get to know.

Q: My child is on the smaller/ younger etc side can he/ she play in the division below? OR my child is the strongest in his/her division can we move my child up?

A: It is the rare exception that we move children between divisions (whether it is up or down.) . In any given year we may have 1 or 2  children that we move up or down. If you would like to discuss the possibility please fill out our move up/move down form on our website.

Q: When/ Where are my child’s games?

A: Games take place on Saturdays. We have many fields- Pacific Palisades Recreation Center, Paul Revere Middle School, Calvary Christian School. Will Rogers State Park, and Palisades HIgh School Football Field. You will find out exact times and locations in August.

Q: How long before a game should my child show up?
A: 30 minutes

Q: When/ Where/  are my child’s practices?

A: For U7 and above practices are during the week (U4/U5/U6 do not have practices). We base their day/location on the location/day preference indicated on your registration form. We announce practice days/ locations/ teams the first week of August.

Palisades Practice Locations= Palisades Recreation Center or Palisades High School.
Brentwood Practice Locations= Paul Revere Middle School

Q: Do you offer refunds? If so how do I withdraw my child/ get a refund?

Please see our refund policy on our website and  fill out our withdrawal form under our registration tab  on our website if you would like to withdraw.

Q: What division is my Child in?

2020= U5
2019= U6
2018= U7
2017= U8
2016/2015= U10
2014/2013= U12
2012/2011= U14
2010/2009= U16
2008/2007= U19

Q: What does my child need to bring/ wear to practice?

A: What you need to purchase: Cleats, Water bottle, Shin guards.
What we provide: Black Socks, Practice Jersey, Black Shorts.
Practice "uniform" is required. 

Q: When will my child find out his/ her team?

A; Schedules and Teams will be e-mailed the first week of August

Q: The doctor said my child can still play soccer with his arm split, is my child allowed to attend practices and games?

No. while the doctor may be representing your child’s interest appropriately, the risk to other players requires that they limit his/her participation to that of moral support on the sidelines. Players may not wear casts or splints which could possibly cause injury to himself/herself or another player. NO EXCEPTIONS. This applies at games and practices.

Q: Is it OK for players to use jewelry during practice or games?

A: No jewelry of any kind (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, rings) can be worn during practice or games. 

Q BUT my child just got his/ her ears pierced and can’t take out his/ her earrings out..? 

A: Earrings are not allowed for any reason. This is not a regional rule this is an AYSO National rule.  Our suggestion is to not pierce your child’s ears during soccer season as the ears cannot be covered with tape etc and will need to be taken out during the game and practices. No Exceptions.

Q: I have a question about my child’s coach/ team/ practice schedule etc. Who do I contact? 

A: Please look up your child’s division commissioner’s e-mail address by going to our Board of Directors Tab under our Volunteers heading on our website. 

Q: How are teams made?

A: Teams are created by our division commissioners. There are many factors that go into creating teams.  First and foremost our goal is to create EQUAL teams so that every child enjoys their experience. It is the most fun when the kids have competitive games every week. 

Other things we take into account: Preferred location of practice (as indicated on your registration form), Preferred day of practice (as indicated on your registration form) , what school your child attends ( we do not want all children from one school together, the goal is for our children to meet others in their community). These are some of the many factors. If you have further questions please contact your child's division commissioner.

Q: Can my child switch teams?

A: No, your child cannot change teams once they are made. If your child can no longer practice on a certain day etc. We will place your child on the waitlist in hopes the new  practice day or days becomes available but there are no guarantees and there are no refunds once teams are formed. If it is our error and we placed your child on a team that you indicated is one of their two no practice days we will make it right if possible or we will refund you worst case scenario. Please contact your child's division commissioner for more info. 

Q: Who is in charge of practices ?

A: A volunteer parent coach and a professional trainer are in charge of practices. Each of our teams follows a “lesson plan” to ensure each player on each team is learning age appropriate skills and hitting the same learning milestones as their peers. 

Q: Do I have to volunteer?

A: Our region is run by 100% volunteers. So we NEED parent involvement. From our regional commissioner to our coaches to our referees and everyone in between this region is only as good as the parents that help run it. It is a great way for parents to engage with their children and get to know the entire community. We have over 1700 players in our region. We are BY FAR the largest youth organization in the area. It is a great opportunity for parents and kids to connect with each other and create lifelong connections. There are many different positions available to fit your family's availability but every family does need to participate in order to make our region run. Please contact your division commissioner for more information on volunteer opportunities. 

Q: What is the deadline for registration? 

A: June 15th or whenever the division is full

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