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AYSO Region 69: Pacific Palisades/ Brentwood/Topanga


Our league's success hinges on the dedication and spirit of our volunteers, who support a vibrant community of over 1,000 children. This commitment fosters an environment filled with sportsmanship, learning, and enjoyment. The substantial contributions from our volunteers make managing a league of this scale feasible. By volunteering, you ensure our region continues to flourish, providing a nurturing environment for our children to develop both as athletes and as individuals.

Reminder: Previous training or experience is not necessary,
On the Field Volunteer Positions

**COACH (By Division):**

- **U6 Coach**
  - **Responsibilities:** Conduct weekly practices, game day coaching, team communication.
  - **Training:** SafeSport (2 hours), Safe Haven (1 hour), Coaching Certification (4 hours).
  - **Weekly Time:** Planning and running 1 practice/game (1 hour),= 1 hour/week for 10 weeks.

- **U7 & U8 Coach**
  - **Responsibilities:** Similar to U6, with added focus on developing teamwork and understanding of game rules.
  - **Training:** Same as U6.
  - **Weekly Time:** 1 practice (1 hour), game day (1 hour) = 2 hours/week for 10 weeks.

- **U10 and Above Coach**
  - **Responsibilities:** Advanced skill training, strategic gameplay coaching, increased communication with players and parents.
  - **Training:** Same as U6, with additional focus on age-appropriate competitive coaching techniques.
  - **Weekly Time:** 1.5-hour practice, game day (1-1.5 hours) = 2.5-3 hours/week for 10 weeks, plus playoffs.


- **Responsibilities:** Assist in practice and game-day duties, support head coach in communication and team management.
- **Training:** Same as respective head coach.
- **Weekly Time:** Slightly less than the head coach, depending on the division and specific team arrangement.

- **Responsibilities:** Organize team communication, manage logistics and schedules, coordinate with parents for snacks and transport.
- **Training:** SafeSport (2 hours), Safe Haven (1 hour).
- **Weekly Time:** Pre-season planning (2-3 hours), ongoing weekly management (1-2 hours), varies with specific team needs.

- **Responsibilities:** Officiate games, ensure rules are followed, maintain safety and fairness.
- **Training:** SafeSport (2 hours), Safe Haven (1 hour), Referee Training (7 hours- 4 hours in person/ 3 hours online).
- **Weekly Time:** Flexible; typically involves officiating 1-2 games per weekend, approximately 1-2 hours per game. Referees sign up for their own games.

Off the Field/Administrative Positions

- **Responsibilities:** Update league news, manage social media posts, communicate important dates and events.
- **Training:** SafeSport (2 hours), Safe Haven (1 hour).
- **Weekly Time:** Varies; early season setup and regular updates approximately 2-4 hours weekly.

**DIVISION COMMISSIONER (Specifics by Division):**

- **U6 to U8 Division Commissioners**
  - **Responsibilities:** Coach recruitment, team formation, season management, problem-solving.
  - **Training:** Orientation (2 hours), SafeSport (2 hours), Safe Haven (1 hour).
  - **Time:** Pre-season heavy lifting (6-8 hours total), then 1-2 hours/week for administrative tasks and support.

- **U10/U12 Division Commissioners**
  - **Responsibilities:** Similar to U6-U8 Commissioners, with additional duties around playoffs and competitive play.
  - **Training:** As above, with focus on managing competitive aspects.
  - **Time:** Pre-season planning (6-8 hours total), regular season oversight (1-2 hours/week), increased during playoffs/ during all star selection.

If you are interested in any of the above please reach out to [email protected]

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