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AYSO Region 69: Pacific Palisades/ Brentwood/Topanga

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FC Pali's AYSO Region 69 Extra Team is our highest level team. FC Pali presents an exceptional soccer training program, skillfully merging high-quality training with a vibrant sense of community. The program stands out for its dedication to providing an elite level of soccer education, including access to outstanding coaching, advanced training methodologies, and excellent equipment. This ensures that young athletes develop a comprehensive set of skills—spanning technical abilities, tactical knowledge, physical fitness, and mental resilience.

Central to FC Pali's ethos is the belief that excellence in soccer training and a strong community spirit are complementary. This philosophy creates an environment where players are encouraged to reach their fullest potential while being supported by a community that values their development beyond athletic prowess. It's a holistic approach aimed at fostering not just soccer talent but also personal growth, teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship.

The program's dual focus on competitive excellence and nurturing support means that FC Pali's AYSO Extra Team offers more than just soccer training; it's a developmental journey. Here, young athletes are motivated to set high goals, push their limits, and embrace the thrill of competition, all within a supportive framework that celebrates their achievements and guides them through challenges.

By blending world-class soccer training with a deeply supportive community ethos, FC Pali provides a uniquely enriching and empowering experience for young athletes. This comprehensive approach not only enhances their capabilities as soccer players but also imparts valuable life lessons, preparing them for success both on the soccer field and in life. FC Pali’s AYSO Extra Team is thus an ideal setting for young athletes keen on elevating their game in an environment that cherishes their sporting and personal development equally.

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Eastman Fall Extra Coordinator - [email protected]

Corinne Briers- Player Development Director- [email protected]

PLAYER COMMITMENT: Players selected for Extra teams are expected to make AYSO Soccer their
first priority of extra-curricular sports activities. Extra players are not permitted to play club soccer
concurrent with being on an Extra Team.

PARENTAL COMMITMENT: Each Parent on the team is required to volunteer for a position. Extra
Teams are required to have at least 5 fully trained Refs.

PRACTICESAll Extra team players are required to participate in two regularly scheduled weeknight
practices. Practices are run by a Parent Coach that has had advanced training as well as one of the
members of our incredible Professional Training Staff to achieve the highest level of play possible.

GAMES: All matches of the Extra Fall season are played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Home games are
played at local Pacific Palisades fields. Away games will be at hosting regions throughout Section
1 (Santa Monica to Pasadena to Palos Verdes). The Extra Fall League Season runs from August to
January, through to the Section Championships in February.

At the conclusion of the Fall Extra season, Extra teams will join the Spring tournament circuit.
Attending tournaments such as Locomotion (Riverside) or Top Gun (San Diego)

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