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Incident Report Forms
must be completed by any coach, referee or Regional staff member witnessing any serious incident involving, but not limited to:

• Injuries
• Illnesses
• Threats of bodily harm
• Fighting whether or not a serious injury occurs
• Property damage
• Hospitalization of a participant
• Law enforcement summoned
• Service or notification of a pending lawsuit

Incident Report Form

Please complete all the fields that you are able to, as soon as you are able to and email to [email protected]
Alternatively they can be completed by hand and turned in at the Referee's Tent.

Head Injuries: If in doubt, sit them out

you suspect that an athlete has a concussion, you should take the following four steps:

1. Remove the athlete from play.
2. Ensure that the athlete is evaluated by a health care professional experienced in evaluating for concussion. Do not try to judge the seriousness of the injury yourself. 3. Inform the athlete's parents or guardians about the posskible concussion and give them the CDC fact sheet for parents on concussion.
4. Keep the athlete out of play the day of the injury and until a health care professional, experienced in evaluating for concussion, says they are symptom-free and it's o to return to play.


5. Submit AYS0 Incident Report to Safety Director
6. Refer parents to the A YS0/CDC Information sheet and SAi information available at A
7. Obtain signed AYS0 Participation Release from Parent/Guardian prior to return to play
8. Obtain a Medical Release if required by State Law (not required in California)
9. Give all signed forms to your AYS0 Safety Director or email to [email protected]

COVID 19 Protocols and Procedures

Healthy Participants Only
: Any players, coaches, spectators who are sick will not be allowed at practices or games.

There are no current (August 2022)  County or State restrictions or Orders on Outdoor Youth Sports. 
If you are notified that a player has tested positive for COVID-19, please notify the Safety Director - [email protected] and complete an incident report.  
After testing positive for Covid, isolation ends on Day 10 or on Day 5 with a negative test and an optional mask.  

The following recommendations are from the AYSO Return to play microsite


  • Coaches will send pre-training communication to families ensuring that only healthy participants attend and reiterate expectations and guidelines.
  • If necessary, utilize technique in isolation exercises, grid work, fitness and spatial awareness to limit physical contact between players (suggested content can be found here).
  • Adhere to AYSO Safe Haven guidelines, i.e., 1:8 adult to child ratio; minimum of 2 adults present; no adult alone with children other than their own. Whenever possible, adult of same gender as players should be present.
  • Ensure all players have and handle their own labeled equipment (ball, water bottle, training disks, etc.).
  • It is recommended that the coach(s) should be the only persons handling coaching equipment (e.g.: cones, disks, etc.);
  • Hand sanitizer or hand-washing is recommended before and after training sessions.
  • It is not recommended to share equipment in use but if necessary, please make sure to clean after training (players will be provided with individual bibs/pinnies or can bring game jerseys as requested).
  • Stay positive and create a fun environment in this new normal.
  • Serve as focal point, or designate the Team Parent/Manager/Safety Director/CVPA, for notification from team families if a family member becomes ill with COVID-19, tests positive for COVID-19, or comes in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Complete and submit AYSO’s Incident Report Form to the Region Safety Director immediately, including team roster.

*A designated volunteer or team parent can be added to help assist coach in accordance with the same health and safety guidance designated for the coach.

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