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Referee Points

Point status is now posted without BONUS points



8U in 2022

Referees will schedule themselves for games in 8U just as they do for the older divisions at There is only 1 slot per game and volunteers are allowed to sign up to ref their own child's game.

10U in 2022

Each team in 10U girls AND boys are now required to supply 1 referee for the match immediately preceding theirs on the same field.  An AR or CR slot will fulfill the staffing requirement. Teams are responsible for finding replacements if they are unable to supply referees for a game.  Teams that do not fulfill this staffing requirement will lose a point for each unfilled slot.

 Basic Requirements

  • Each U8 team must accumulate at least 4 ref points during the season to participate in post-season play. 10U and 12U need to earn 14 points.
  • No points are awarded for 7U and younger games
  • Your child’s team(s) receive one ref point for each U8 through U14 match that you referee.
  • Those with an Intermediate or higher badge level may sign up to Mentor refs who request them. For each game you mentor, you will receive a ref point for your child's team(s).
  • Surplus referee points are not transferable to teams with deficits. Each team is responsible for meeting its obligations.
  • If you have two children on different teams, both teams receive points for the games you do.
  • In order to get the points, all you need to do is sign up (at:
  • No team may earn more than 3 bonus points.  

Credit for Refereeing Own Player’s Matches (U10-U14 only)

We don’t allow you to sign up to referee your own player’s’ games (except 8U).  However, if you sign up and ref a game and ALSO fill in on your player’s game for a no show or vacancy, we will give you credit for the fill-in. To get credit for the fill-in, you must notify your referee division captain within 72 hours of the game. 8U we EXPECT you to referee your own player’s games.

Credit for Referee Training Course (Bonus Points)

We award new and returning refs ONE point for successfully completing the basic referee course (not the half-day U6 course) provided the newly trained refs sign up and ref at least two games over the following three weekends (for which they will also receive credit). Returning refs must sign up and ref at least two games in the month of November to receive the bonus point.  You can also earn 1 bonus points for your team by upgrading to Intermediate or higher badge within 6 months prior to the start of the season or during the regular Fall season.

Credit for Youth referees

Youth referees can earn points for the team that they play for and their siblings’ team(s).  If a Youth Referee works 5 games during the season they will earn one bonus point for their team.

Credit for Mentoring

See above

Play-offs and Tournaments

Teams with less than the required minimum number of points may not participate in play-offs and invitational tournaments. Points may be earned in these events with prior approval of the RRA. Each team is expected to do their fair share. Failure to do so may result in elimination from the play-offs or tournament regardless of the number of points earned during the season.

EXTRA Team Points

EXTRA teams must get at least one point for every game that their team is scheduled to play plus a potential 1 point bonus for taking the referee clinic for basic (as described above) OR upgrading to Intermediate or higher badge within 6 month prior to the start of the season or during the regular Fall season. As an example, if they play or scheduled to play, 10 games then they must earn at least 13 points, 3 of which comes from bonus points. EXTRA teams may also earn points by refereeing regular AYSO games.

Upper Division

Upper Division matches (U16 and U19) are covered by a different system. Online sign-ups for those games are found at: As a region we are required to cover our “fair share” of games. No team is assigned a quota of games to cover. 

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