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What is AYSO? Click here for answers:  AYSO FAQs & Information.

What are the AYSO Six Philosophies?

·         Everyone Plays®: in AYSO programs, no player shall play less than 50% of a game, and in our region, all players play 75% of the game whenever possible. No child can play the entire game unless the other players have played 75% of the game.

·         Balanced Teams: new rosters are formed each year as evenly balanced as possible

·         Open Registration: any child who wants to register and play is welcome -- no cuts!

·         Positive Coaching: encouragement of player effort, leading to great enjoyment for the players, and better-skilled and better-motivated players

·         Good Sportsmanship: we strive to create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all costs attitude

·         Player Development: each player should be able to develop his/her soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities

I registered my child, what happens next?

The board is putting the rosters together for the upcoming season. They are recruiting volunteers -- coaches, referees, roster parents. When this process is completed, the rosters will be formed.  Please see specific details for each program as not all programs will form rosters. 

.Is there late registration?

Please refer to the specific program to verify the last day for regular registration. We accept registrations after that date only on a player-needed basis, and additional fees do apply. If you miss the deadline, email us at [email protected] to determine if there is space available in your child's age division.

What about refunds?
Please click here for Refund Policy.

When are the players contacted?
The information you need with respect to your child's roster times and locations. Sessions generally are at Sylvan Park, located on Grand Avenue at the end of Sylvan Avenue.

 My child has not been contacted. What do I do?

Information is provided via our email campaigns and our Band app. If you are not receiving emails, please check your spam folder. For additional information, contact at [email protected] or

 text 201-701-1089. Join or BAND here  --  Click to Join Band    If YOU are going to be away for all or a significant portion of the summer, make sure we have correct contact information for you.

 What equipment does my child need?

You need to obtain soccer cleats or sneakers (cleats provide traction), shin guards (which are worn under the soccer socks), long socks to cover shin guards, a soccer ball (size depends on your child's age -- see below), and a water bottle labeled with your child's name. Please write your child's name on his/her soccer ball with a waterproof marker -- we end up with many homeless soccer balls at the end of the season. 

We expect as in the past we will be able to provide coupons to area sporting goods stores shortly before the season begins.

What size soccer ball does my child need?
Players in the U-5 Schoolyard (Pre-K), U-06 (Schoolyard), and U-08 Divisions use a Size 3 ball. The U-10 and U-12 Divisions use a size 4 ball. The U-14 Division uses the size 5 (regulation size) soccer ball.

Supplemental Accident Insurance -- what is that?
AYSO purchases Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI), which pays excess medical costs up to $50,000 maximum per accident to an insured person for accidental bodily injuries incurred as a direct result of participation in a covered activity subject to the policy terms and conditions. This is an Excess Accidental Medical Expense Benefit, and all eligible expenses will be reimbursed in excess of a primary policy or on a Usual and Customary basis. Visit AYSO National Insurance Information for complete details about this insurance coverage.

My child wants to play with his/her friend on the same roster. Is that possible?
You may request your child be placed with a friend on the same roster. We cannot guarantee we will be able to honor this request. One of the basic tenets of AYSO Soccer is Balanced Rosters. This must ALWAYS take priority over any individual request. We do understand and recognize many children sign up to play with their friends. We will do our best to make this happen, especially for the younger players. Please note for a request to be considered, it must be a mutual request, i.e., from both families. Under no circumstance can we honor a three-way (or greater) request. Requests for specific coaches will not be granted.

Is there soccer practice during the summer?

 In general, sessions are held beginning in late August or early September.

How often are there practices?
Sessions are weekly for an hour with professional trainers for work with players on developing their soccer skills and techniques. Sessions are held  approximately eight weeks  (weather AND field conditions permitting). NOTE:  For specific programs where there are sufficient players registered to create rosters. 

My question is not answered here. Who do I ask?
Submit a Contact Us request, and one of the regional board members will get in touch with you.


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