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AYSO Region 1225 Fountain Colorado


Dear Parents of Region 1225 Spring 2019 Soccer Players:


Thank you for wanting to register your child(ren) for AYSO 1225 spring soccer season. Due to the lack of children and volunteers these past couple of years we are canceling our spring soccer season. We were looking forward to another great soccer season and we truly appreciated your support.


Fountain’s AYSO Region 1225, has proudly offered Fountain Valley kids the opportunity to play soccer for over twenty years. We have been able to watch children grow in soccer, from not knowing how to even kick a soccer ball as a four-year-old to a seventeen-year-old who can play all positions, scoring goals, and been goal keepers. What an honor.


Our spring season was to begin 16 March 2019, unfortunately only four children were registered; without more registered children, we cannot have a season.  


In respect to the region’s volunteers, there are only five of us; we have been running this region for the past two to three years.  Five volunteers cannot efficiently run a soccer region. Each season we ask for volunteers, unfortunately no one wants to commit, further than coaching their children.


Therefore, with the lack of players and volunteers, Fountain AYSO Region 1225 will be disbanding unless we get help from anyone willing to commit.


If there are any questions, please contact the undersign, at 719-629-7699, or email [email protected]

Sincerely, Region 1225


Registration Fee $65.00
  ~~ Here is our break down~~

    * $45.00 ($40.00 Region Fee + $5.00 Non-Refundable Processing Fee) 
   ** $20.00 Non-Refundable AYSO National Membership Fee

Uniform Kit $25.00
(1 Jersey, 1 Short, 1 green socks and 1 silver socks)

 Register online
* Print 1 copy of the Registration Form
* Print and then complete the Photo Release Form
* Please bring all copies to our Registration Events

* If ordered while registering:
Uniform, Water Bottle and Shin Guards
must be picked up at our Registration Events

For more information please call


Blue Sombrero Registration Help

                                  REGISTRATION HELP                                       

  Note:   AYSO has moved from eAYSO to Blue Sombrero effective for Fall 2017 season, all players and their families must create a new account in Blue Sombrero.

2. Create New Account
3. User ID - Keep in mind you will not be able to change your user ID name once assigned
4. Complete Primary/Parent Info (all items with an* must be filled out)
5. Which Best Describes You
    • I am a Parent or Guardian - This is for a parent signing up their player, you will still be able to volunteer as a coach or any other volunteer position. This is the most frequently chosen option.
    • I am a Coach or Other Team Personnel - This is for anyone who does not have a child playing; but only wants to volunteer. 
     • I am Registering Myself for an Activity - This is only for players who are 18 years or older who can legally sign themselves up to play.
6. Participant Info (Player Information), make sure NO is shown if you are not signing yourself up as a parent to play
     • You can upload your child's birth certificate after entering their birthday as a .pdf, .png, .jpeg and .gif 
7. Participant same address as primary account holder. If you share the same address make sure that
YES is shown.
        Click Continue
8. If you need to add another child go to:
     •   (click the carat)
     • Select ACCOUNT
     • You will see Participants Box with your Childs Name
     • CLICK on the ellipsis  
     • Select Add Participant

1. Select Your Child's Program
     • 2017 Fall Core
     • click on +REGISTER
     • will be replaced with  
2. PLAYER INFO - You only need to fill out the line items that have an *
3. If there is no info to give, type N/A
4. Please read over Authorization Disclaimer then scroll down

5. Click on I Accept the Waiver   CLICK CONTINUE
6. Read over AYSO Membership Fee Info
7. Click on I Accept the Waiver   CLICK CONTINUE
8. Additional Program & Division Questions
     • New Players are required to Purchase a Uniform Kit
     • Returning Players - if you are in need of a New Uniform
     • If you like to purchase Shin Guards or Our Water Bottles 
9. Find CLICK HERE to sign E - Form
10. Click on I Agree to Use Electronic Signature
11. Click on I Represent & Warrant that I am a Parent or Guardian (if signing up your child)
12. Type in Your Full Name as the Parent or Guardian
13. If you are 18 or older click I am an adult
14. Sign/Type Your Full Name
15. Scroll down, Continue to Review
16. Review, Submit Signed

AYSO 1225 is strictly a Volunteer Organization. We ask all parents to volunteer for at least one position.
1. Pick Volunteer Position   CLICK CONTINUE
2. Complete all * line item
3. Accept Waiver YES must be shown   CLICK CONTINUE
4. Click Here to e-signature
5. Submit signed Volunteer Application
6. Click Volunteer Verification Form
7. Read all disclosures, make sure to check  all boxes
8. Type your First Name, Last Name and SSN (do not put in any dashes)

1. Make your Credit Card Payment CREDIT CARD, CLICK CONTINUE, and then enter your credit card information
     • You will need to PRINT your RECEIPT and PRINT your PLAYER FORM(s) 
     •    (click the carat)
     • Select ACCOUNT 
     • You will see a Participants Box with your Child's Name
     • On the lower right corner click on VIEW/PRINT 

     • pick up your Uniform Kit (if needed), Shin Guard or Water Bottle (if purchased) 

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