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heading & lightning

Policy On Heading
Because of the resent concerns regarding the skill of head-
ing, the following memo has been produced for distribution by
the National Coaching Commission in conjunction with the
National Board of Directors.
The National Support Center has been in contact wit physicians
and psychologists investigating recent claims that heading
causes brain impairment. They concur that soccer is a safe
sport. Furthermore, those experts to date have found no
conclusive evidence that heading causes damage.
Heading is a part of the game of soccer and should be
taught to our players. Here are guidelines that should be
* Per the Rules & Regulations of AYSO Region 1225,
HEADING WILL NOT BE allowed in U6, U8, however U10 HEADING WILL NOT BE allowed in U6, U8, however U10 AYSO REGION 1225
is allowed but not taught or encouraged. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
* Begin to teach heading at the appropriate age level LIGHTNING
of U12 and older. Purpose: The following is AYSO Region 1225's policy and
* Begin to teach heading when players show an procedure to protect the safety of parent, players and coaches of
interest, not when the coach thinks it should be the region in the event of lightning.
taught. Policy:
* Teach heading correctly. (Refer to AYSO Youth I. If lightning is visible, all fields will be cleared and shelter
Coaching Manual). (soccer activity building or your car) should be taken.
* Do not make an unwilling player head the ball. He/ If you see lightning, count how many seconds before you
she will not head the ball in a game and should not hear the thunder. If it's less than 30 seconds, take cover.
be forced to do it in practice. Avoid the following ‘danger zones’ in the event of lightning:

-Water- Open Areas -Metal Objects -Tall Trees -High Ground

II. If you are in an open area without shelter, the following should
Be done:
Avoid standing in groups. Spread out to
reduce the risk of multiple casualties.

-Crouch on your feet, keep your head low; avoid being
the tallest object. Avoid lying on the ground.
III. If fields are cleared due to lightning, everyone should move
away from the listed ‘danger zones’ including bleachers and
small or open shelters and either to a sturdy building nearby
or their vehicle.
IV. In the event someone is struck, immediate medical attention
should be sought and 911 should be called. Prior to
resuming any activities, wait 30 minutes after the last flash of

lightning or sound of thunder

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