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The Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer League believes in emphasizing a safe, fair, positive and fun environment.  The intent is to support AYSO by rewarding volunteers and AYSO community members for their donation of time and effort within the AYSO community and beyond.  It is equally important to the league to help coaches, referees, parents and other volunteers get a better understanding of the game of Soccer by playing the game.  The league is designed to accommodate a range of player skill levels.  Some players have minimal soccer knowledge, while others are highly skilled.    No matter a player’s skill level, the league recognizes player safety as a high priority.  The league takes great pride in working to ensure that all of the above are achieved with the utmost integrity. 

To that end, the Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer League has developed the following guidelines for the conduct of our players.  It is expected that the players will adhere to these guidelines, which will help pave the path for the league to achieve a positive environment that will impact the community.


Demonstrating a positive attitude and setting a good example – Players are expected to show a positive, respectful attitude towards all involved in the sport.  This includes opponents, referees, managers, competition committee members and spectators. Criticism and disrespect undermine the purpose of the sport and encourage behavior contrary to the spirit of the game.

Complaints of the League or any Members -  Any complaints against any league member must be handled through the league director or competition committee.  It is inappropriate to directly contact any player or referee within the league with your complaint.  Contact your team Manager, if you have any issues, who will then work with the league director or competition committee to resolve the matter.

Maintaining good relationships:

Officials – The referee’s job is a difficult one.  They are human and they make mistakes too.  Players will not harass, abuse, or berate a referee for any reason. Players who feel their team was treated unfairly should speak to their Manager about the matter.  Managers should notify the league director, referee administrator and competition committee about problems.

Opponents – Players are required to maintain a sense of fair play and be respectful of opposing players and spectators.  Your behavior and decision making represents not only your team, but the entire league.

Our League – In a sporting competition, where we, as players, are competing against each other frequently, at times create rivalries can be created.  A successful league resembles a family that puts individual needs second, behind the greater good of the league.

In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play and a mutual respect among players, managers, referees and spectators, the following Code of Conduct has been established.  It is the obligation of all league administrators, managers and players to create an environment that promotes this objective.  Those who willfully violate this code jeopardize their participation in the Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer League.

Player Expectations

The player’s role is one of support to their fellow teammates, opponents, officials and league. 

  • Players will compose themselves and interact with respect towards their teammates, referees, opponents, team managers and competition committee members at all times.
  • Players will not engage in verbal or physical threats of any kind.
  • Players will set a positive example for any spectators, including children and adults who are watching.  Conduct yourself as if your mother, spouse and children are watching you – they probably are!
  • Players will not display anger or aggression towards anyone and should display self-control in all situations.
  • Players will not engage in foul or abusive language at any time before, during or after a match.
  • Players will not slide tackle.
  • Players will respect all league rules; respecting at all times the property of others.
  • Players will refrain from any activity or conduct that may be detrimental or reflect adversely upon the league or its members.
  • Managers and players should encourage each other to always play by the rules.
  • Accept the results of each game.  Encourage your teammates to be gracious in victory, and to see defeat as a learning experience by working toward improvement. 
  • Do not openly question an official’s judgments or honesty. 
  • Applaud good plays by your team and members of the opposing team.
  • Players have more need for good examples than for criticism.  Attempt to relieve the pressure of the competitions, not increase it.
  • Understand that soccer is a team sport.  Teams “win together and lose together.”
  • Players will properly represent our league and our community at all times.  While the adult league is technically a separate entity from the youth AYSO league, we are emotional and spiritually tied together, meaning your actions and presence should align with the youth philosophies.
  • No smoking or tobacco products at the games.
  • The use and presence of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances are prohibited at the games.  Players may not play while inebriated or under the influence.
  • Players will pick up all trash at the end of the game – leave the field in better condition than before we got there.

By registering for one of our programs you acknowledge that you have have read the Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer League Player Code of Conduct and understand that as part of your acceptance into the league, you will follow these guidelines.  You agree to take fully responsibility of all of your actions.  You accept that, at any time, you will be held accountable for your actions.  It is your responsibility to demonstrate good sportsmanship, to help in creating a safe, fair, positive and fun environment.  If you fail to represent yourself in a the above-mentioned manner, you understand this may lead to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited, to a verbal warning, written warning, discipline committee hearing, game suspension or removal from the league. 

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