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Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer - Region 1455


The Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer - Region 1455 (LRAS) league is an official AYSO program through AYSO’s affiliate North American Adult Soccer Association (NAASA).  LRAS is a recreational coed adult soccer program.

This is a recreational adult soccer program.  No minimum requirement of soccer or physical skill is required. The league is designed to accommodate a wide range of player skill levels. Some players have never played soccer before, while others are highly skilled.  Some players are in great shape physically, while this may be the only activity for others.  There are some rules in place to limit the impact of superstar players.  In short, unless you are a former professional player you should feel comfortable playing in this league.  Exceptionally skilled soccer players should contact us about more competitive playing opportunities.


  • Men and Women must be 30 years of age or older.  Some exceptions may be made for prominent volunteers.
  • Participants also must have be one of the following:
    • The parent/guardian of a child playing in AYSO Region 1455 during the same AYSO year (Sep-Aug) or
    • Be a current AYSO coach, referee or Board Member of any region (verification is required) or 
    • Volunteer at least 8 hours per season as a leader, master, coach, administrator or referee with another youth organization based in Ladera Ranch.
  • Some exceptions may be made for those who have made significant contributions to AYSO in the past or serve as prominent volunteers of other Ladera Ranch organizations.
  • Teams must be comprised of mostly Ladera Ranch residents.
  • No minimum requirement of soccer or physical skill is required.

Mission Statement
LRAS’s purpose is to foster community in Ladera Ranch and nearby areas through adult soccer programs conducted in a safe, fair and fun environment.  The intent is to support AYSO by rewarding volunteers for their donation of time and effort as well as to recruit new volunteers from within the AYSO community and beyond.  Equally as important is the goal of helping coaches, referees, parents and other volunteers to better understand the game of Soccer by playing the game itself. 

Matches will be 8v8 including goalkeepers on a 12U sized field, lasting 60 minutes with a 3-5 minute half-time.  A maximum of six (6) men are allowed on the field at any given time with no maximum for women.  

Team managers may form their own team or players may register as an individual to be assigned to a team.  Players may request to be placed on a team with friends and family.  Any group of 6 or more requesting to play together should have one person willing to be a team manager.  The league will help fill out any roster that is not full.  Teams are likely to remain together for future seasons. 

The cost to register varied by season, but is typically around $60 for a 14-week season.  This includes league and field costs, but does not include s a $30 fee paid to AYSO National/NAASA to cover insurance.  The $30 fee covers the entire year (meaning it will not need to be paid again by returning players for the Spring season).  Note: The $30 fee is non-refundable.  Also, teams are responsible for paying $20 in cash to referees prior to each match and having matching jerseys/shirts.

There will be two main seasons (Fall and Spring) consisting of approximately 14 games, as well as a shortened Summer season. 

Teams will play one match per week on weekdays, with the exact day varying week-to-week.  Matches begin at 8:30pm and are played on the turf field at Cox Sportspark.  There are no practices.  A team’s matches will rotate between days of the week throughout the season, but we will do our best to schedule a majority of matches on a specific day of the week should players/managers have significant conflicts.

Fair & Safe Play
Standings will not be kept and play is recreational.  Some rules help place the emphasis on player safety and fun.  These include:

  • Protection of women from hard challenges and ball strikes
  • Limits on number of goals scored by individual players
  • Guidelines to prevent blow-outs  
  • No slide-tacking
  • Removal from the league for frequent or flagrant use of foul language, fighting, “dirty” play (taunting, retaliation, etc.), use of alcohol, tobacco, or any controlled substance, etc.

For information or if you have any questions please email: [email protected]

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Ladera Ranch Adult Soccer - Region 1455


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