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New Player Development Initiatives

Throw-ins - 6U & 8U
Throw-ins are replaced by Kick-ins.  We have decided to stop allowing "dribble-ins".  The player must place the ball on the ground and kick it into play.  That player may not be the next player to touch the ball.  And, like throw-ins, no goal may be scored directly off of a kick-in, and opponents must be 2 yards away from the restart.

Keeper Punts - 12U
12U - No Punting (or drop-kick or volley kick).  This is the only change.  There is no 10 yards, no "imaginary line", etc.  However, remember that one of the indirect free kick fouls is "Prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands"  Note that this does not prevent marking the keeper's teammate, and does not require 10 yards distance from the keeper.

Keeper Punts & Build-Out Line - 10U
No Punting & Build out line.  For a goal-kick or keeper possession, the opponents must retreat behind the build-out line.  
If the keeper does not choose to wait, then an opponent who has not retreated is allowed to intercept the ball.   
This has been a cause for confusion, even in the training video on our website.  If the keeper does wait, and an opponent (who has retreated) encroaches the build-out line before the ball is kicked or passed, the restart is retaken (goal kick, or dropped ball to the keeper).  There is no foul (or persistent infringement) for this encroachment.

As a reminder, for a goal kick, the ball is not in play until it leaves the penalty area - however, the opponents may enter the build-out area as soon as the ball is kicked.  (They may not touch the ball until it leaves the penalty area).

If the keeper who has possession, or the player taking the goal kick, deliberately passes the ball to a teammate beyond the build-out line, the opponent is awarded an IFK at the point where the ball was passed (or the top of the goal area if inside the goal area).  Please be lenient with this rule - remind the 10U player the first time or two.

Build-out line is used to determine offside (no longer halfway line)


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