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Welcome to those of you who are new to the AYSO Thousand Oaks Coed Adult League and welcome back to our returning veterans, to whom I apologize for the repeated information.

As most of you know, this is a fun, recreational-focused league where we get together each week for some camaraderie, exercise and enjoyment of the game we all love. What makes this league different than most is the fact that each season the teams are mixed to allow for balance and competitive play, but not at the expense of the enjoyment and safety of those around us. Each of us can contribute to this positive environment in many ways. 

First and foremost, we all have somewhere to be on Monday morning, preferably not the ER or doctor's office. No one here is being scouted for a spot on a World Cup roster, so the safety of ourselves and fellow players is more important than winning a 50/50 ball. There is no slide tackling allowed. In addition, we need to remember that although you might be playing against someone this year, they could be on your team in the next season. Keeping your heads is utmost; violent, foul conduct or language is not tolerated. Referees are instructed to immediately eject any player in violation of this principal and not be invited to participate in this league again. In the same manner, our referees are all volunteer and deserve the respect of all involved in the game. 

Another important facet of our league is that it upholds the AYSO principals which focus on inclusion and balanced participation. The league is for everyone, from the brand new player to the experience veteran. As such, we all share in the 90 minutes that we get to play. As there are 19 or 20 players on each team, this means that we need to ensure that we all get to play at least 45 minutes of every game. From time to time due to injury or physical condition, some player may elect to play less that their allotted time, but it is at their choice, not those around them. Please be respectful of the time you have played and be ready to substitute out at regular intervals. As the season progresses, we typically see a diminishing number of players and therefore you can end up with a greater number of minutes per game. The simple answer is look to see how many players we have available to play at a particular game and divide 990 minutes by that number. Your flexibility as a player will help us to cover all positions each game, including the goalkeeper position.

Also in the vein of AYSO philosophies, our referees are volunteers and come from the teams, with a few other volunteers. Each team needs to provide a referee or assistant referee for a game either before after the team's game. We are looking for AYSO certified referees who either have or are capable of being a referee at the Intermediate Badge level. Even if you do not have this certification, we could use your help as one of the old style "Lineskeepers" who can make an offside call and point in the direction of the throw-in. By having these volunteers we also can keep our fees lower than most any other adult league.

“If´ we are allowed to play this Sept, the first games are Sunday Sept 13th at 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM at the Conejo Creek South soccer fields.  Players should arrive in time to warm up. Please make sure that you are hydrating this week and bring plenty of liquids for the game. Cramping is usually the biggest problem for most of us who, may have not been the most "active" player recently, so try to stretch each day.

The league will provide uniforms (jerseys), but players should bring/wear their own dark shorts and socks. Shinguards are required in this league, so even if you usually do not play with them on, you will need them, and appreciate them in this league. As in all AYSO leagues, piercings and bracelets, as well as watches must be removed during play. Any headbands and other hair related items must be soft. Also any knee braces must be free from any hard or sharp parts.

The league is open to everyone who will be 19 years old as of 1/1/2020, regardless of skills and/or experience.  It is a co-ed league that follows all of the philosophies of the youth league.  The only requirement is that you come out to have some fun!  All games are played at Conejo Creek South soccer fields.

Fair Play Policy

We maintain a zero tolerance policy in regard to any violation of our Fair Play Pledge and the basic safety and sportsmanship rules of our league.  Anyone not willing to follow this philosophy will be asked to leave our league and find another more suitable to their needs.

The following are some of the violations that will result in permanent removal from the AYSO Region 9 Adult League:

Frequent or flagrant use of foul language
Fighting (regardless of who started it)
Dirty play, including, but not limited to, taunting (both verbally and physically) or retaliating for an earlier perceived injustice
Consistent dissent with officials, including the League Board
Refusal to abide by decisions or requests of the officials, including the League Board
Cheating of any kind, including, but not limited to, playing illegal players
The use of alcohol, tobacco or any controlled substance on, or around, an AYSO facility

We reserve the right to determine any other causes for removal at the discretion of the League Board based on the severity of the offense.

Referees Needed!

ALL Adult League referees (even those who have been with the program for a long time) need to register as a "Referee". There is no fee for just being a referee.

If you are a USSF Referee or an experienced AYSO Referee (at least Intermediate level), each team is being asked to provide one (1) AR for the match before or after yours (though some AR slots may be staffed).  Please contact Chuck Huffer ([email protected]) for more information.

We look forward to seeing you out there!!

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