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American Youth Soccer Organization Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.

Programs We Offer

Palo Alto AYSO Runs Three Programs:

Instructional Program -Any level of experience is welcome, from beginners to advanced.  And all play at least 50% of each game.

VIP program -for those whose abilities prevent them from being part of mainstream teams

Select program - The Spring and Fall Select Programs are tryout programs.  They are competitive and offer players the opportunity to train, learn, play and compete in soccer at a high level of sophistication.  Participation in the program requires a higher level of commitment as well as extra costs to cover tournament fees.

Instructional Program

Palo Alto AYSO operates a graduated approach to learning soccer with fields, rules and teams sized appropriately to age and learning needs.  Offered in the Fall and in the Spring, the Instructional Program is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 18, with age eligibility determined as of Jan 1 preceding the Program start date.  There are no tryouts for the Instructional Program.  Interest and enthusiasm are the only criteria for instruction and playing.  Any level of experience is welcome, from beginners to advanced.  And all play at least 50% of each game.

Our programs are about playing and learning through playing.  This is true in our Instructional and our competitive Programs.  Winning does not trump playing time for any player. 

BirthYearAge GroupPractices
2016Kicker (U4)naSaturdaylocal parkcoed combined practice and game sessions, no keeper
2015U5naSaturdaylocal parkcoed combined practice and game sessions, no keeper
2014U6naSaturdaylocal parkboys teams, girls teams, no keeper
U82 x 60 minSaturday - fall
Sat or Sun - spring
elementary school or local park2 concurrent games 5v5, no keeper
U102 x 60 minSaturday - fall
Sat or Sun - spring
elementary school or local park7 v 7, keeper
U122 x 90 minSaturday - fall
Sat or Sun - spring
fall: local park
spring: local park, neighboring city
9 v 9, keeper
U142 x 90 minSaturday - fall
Sat or Sun - spring
local park, neighboring city park11 v 11, keeper
U162 x 90 minSaturday - fall
Sat or Sun - spring
local park, neighboringcity park11 v 11, keeper
  • Spring Schedule- the Spring Instructional Program runs from mid-March to the weekend prior to Memorial Day.   The dates vary slightly each year, check the Regional Calendar on the home page for details.
  • Fall Schedule- the Fall Instructional Program runs from late August until the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Some divisions finish a week earlier, and some divisions go a week longer for tournaments.  Registration commences in late April.
  •  Team formation - Players are grouped into divisions by their age.  Their age as of Jan 1 preceding the Program start date is used for this determination.  This means that most teams include players from two or three school grades.  Players with fall birthdays who would be in a division younger than most of their grade may optionally request on the registration form to play up into the older division.  These players may also play up to gain a higher level of instruction and challenge.
    • AYSO balances teams, meaning we distribute the players as evenly as possible according to age, experience, and current skill level.  In addition, we try to factor in training field or school attendance, preferred practice days, and field availability. 
    • We try to place players from each school onto a team together, as much as possible.  This allows for players to have a classmate on the team, and also provides a great opportunity for players to make new friends from other neighborhoods in Palo Alto.

AYSO VIP Program

Green Giants- It's free !
The Palo Alto AYSO VIP Program provides a quality soccer experience for children - and adults - whose disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams.  The VIP program gives everyone a chance to play.
Our goals for every participating player are:

- to have fun playing soccer
- to understand the fundamentals of the game
- to learn teamwork and fair play
- to increase positive self-esteem
- to become more physically fit
- to meet and be comfortable with new people

We practice and play on Sunday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:00.

To participate in the VIP program, setect that program during registration by logging into or creating an account at the top of this page.

Select Program

The Spring and Fall Select Programs are competitive and offer players the opportunity to train, learn, play and compete in soccer at a high level of sophistication.  These programs offer the finest opportunity in Palo Alto for developing sportsmanship, character, advanced skills and team function.  Players must tryout each season to be offered a position in these Programs.  Select teams play other AYSO Regions' competitive teams, and play in tournaments in the Greater Bay Area with other AYSO Regions and or Club teams at the coaches’ discretion.
These programs together provide our players the opportunity for year-round competitive training and play.  Games are generally on Sunday.

This is not for all players or families.  Players and Parents, joining one of these advanced programs requires your commitment to participate completely.  This includes participation in tournaments that are out of town.  If you enter this program your team will depend on you, and dropping out or not attending fully, harms the team.  And, you are taking a precious player slot that someone else could have used.  Our commitment to provide 75% playing time to your player requires us to have smaller rosters.  A player dropping out of a small roster harms the other players' game.  Getting invited is earned, being placed on a team is a privilege, showing up and participating is a privilege and a responsibility.  Players not participating fully during the season will be cut.

How good are these programs?  Our select teams regularly compete in club tournaments.  We are competitive at the bronze or copper level at the very least.  Some of our teams have comfortably competed with gold and platinum club teams.

We would like to provide these opportunities to all advanced players, but can only provide team slots in accordance with the number of coaches in the Program.  If you are interested in helping, contact [email protected] and discuss the possibility of assisting or coaching.  We need more help to make enough teams for all qualified players. 


  • Eligibility: Any player who was registered with the AYSO in the previous fall season and who played in at least half the games and attended at least half the training sessions is eligible to try out for a Select team. 
    Élite: All players are eligible to tryout for an Élite team, including players from other regions who want to play concurrently.
  • Player Selection Players are evaluated during their play in the prior season and during tryouts. Factors that play a part in player selection include enthusiasm, effort, skill, sportsmanship, game participation, speed, effort, an understanding of the game, attendance and participation in the prior season, positional needs of the team and team chemistry.  Availability for training sessions and a family volunteer commitment also play a role.  Player selection is the responsibility of the appointed head coach, under review of the Program Producer, the RCA, and the RC.  The selection decision is final and can not be appealed. 
  • High School Soccer & Other Sports Spring Select season is designed to dovetail with High School Soccer. If you participate in varsity soccer, you begin to practice with your Select team as soon as High School soccer ends. If there is a conflict with other sports activities it is important to commit to at least 1 practice per week with your Team, in addition to playing all the games.
  • Club Soccer: Playing club soccer at the same time as playing AYSO is OK, if you commit to make the AYSO tournaments a priority over club soccer games.  Similarly, you are released from regular AYSO games to attend Club tournaments.  If there is a conflict of tournament play in both organizations at the same time, talk to your coach in advance to work out the details of whether you can be released for the club tournament.  The coach may require you to attend the tournament with your AYSO team, and bear in mind that with the smaller rosters your AYSO coach may not have much flexibility.  Attendance at training and regular games must be maintained at a high percentage to stay in the program.
  • Level of Play: All of the teams that play in the advanced AYSO leagues and tournaments are competitive teams and the level of play is high. Players are in better condition, the game is more physical and players are expected to be committed to improving their fitness and their skills.
  • Training: Training sessions are held twice a week on days assigned by the Program Producer.  Because there is limited team availability, players must be available on the assigned days.  Some coaches may add additional training time.
  • Playing Time: Teams operate under Palo Alto AYSO guidelines. All players will play at least 75% of each game.  Coaches will develop good sportsmanship and use positive coaching techniques, in addition to developing soccer skills.  Tournament rules over-ride Palo Alto AYSO policies regarding playing time and substitutions for the specific tournament.
  • Volunteering: At least one parent per Select player is required to register as a volunteer and be prepared to help with team functions such as car pooling, tournament registration, or other duties the coach may request.  Each coach will appoint a Team Manager to handle uniforms and organize the other parent volunteers.  At least one parent per family must register as a volunteer to help for at least 2 hours at El Palo Alto Tournament, during the last weekend of April, regardless of other volunteering the family may do.  Coaches and Referees at El Palo Alto are excused from this requirement.

To participate in the select program, please follow this link for information about the next try-out and/or email the select commisioner at [email protected]


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