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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Who can play?

A. AYSO Adult Soccer is open to all adults, over the age of majority, who are interested in playing soccer in a safe, fair and fun environment.


Q. Is this just for “AYSO Adults?”

A. No. Whilst we strongly encourage all current parents, coaches, referees, volunteers and alumni of AYSO to join, the program is open to anyone who shares our belief of playing in a safe, fair and fun soccer environment.


Q. How competitive is the league?

A. Although there will be a degree of regional variation, the idea behind the AYSO Adult League program is that it is all inclusive of every player and skill level.  While there is always some level or degree of competition involved in soccer, the spirit of the game is intended to be FUN, FAIR, and SAFE for all of the participants. This is a recreational program. Participants also lead adult lives with jobs and responsibilities, so remember, we all have to return to our daily lives after the match with no or minimal ailments.


Q. How much does it cost to play?

A. The fee structure of all of our AYSO Adult Soccer programs will be slightly different based upon regional variations, i.e. length of season, field costs, referees, equipment etc. Participation in any AYSO Adult Soccer program will be subject to a non-refundable annual membership fee of $30. The annual registration cost is $75 per player (break down as $30 AYSO Adult Soccer Membership Fee, $45 in League fees which covers, uniforms, fields fees and a league fee).


Q. What does the annual membership fee cover?

A. The $30 fee covers liability insurance for fields and league officers, secondary accident insurance up to $25,000 and fees to both U.S.A.S.A. (United States Adult Soccer Association) and to U.S. Soccer. The AYSO Adult Soccer membership runs from September 1 thru August 31.


Q. Can I play for just one game to try it out?

A. No. All players must be registered with AYSO and the $30 membership fee paid before being eligible to play in any of AYSO’s Adult Soccer programs.


  • The registration fee covers the program liability and insurance, so all players must be registered prior to any game play.
  • If you are curious about playing, stop by a local game to watch and see how much fun it would be to get involved in your local program.


Q. What equipment do I need?

A. You’ll need a shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards and appropriate footwear for the surface that you are playing on, also bring something to drink so you can stay hydrated!


Q. Do players really need to wear shin guards?

A. Yes, referees will require them. Shin guards must be worn and must provide a “reasonable degree of protection” and be covered by your socks.


Q. Do we need to wear uniforms?

A. Please refer to the guidelines of your local AYSO Adult Soccer program for clarification. We will be making available an official AYSO Adult Soccer shirt that you will be able to purchase through the website in a number of different colors. Depending on the number of players we have will determine if a set “Team” is formed, and if so uniform shirts will be required. Otherwise, we will have pinnies for pick-up games. 


Q. When will games be played?

A. Game schedules will be determined at your local regional level. Usually we will try for Saturday morninngs, please download the Dicks TSHQ smartphone app to see your particular schedule.


  • Your membership will run from September 1 through August 31, so your program has the ability to run year round, or just for selected seasons.


Q. What are the rules?

A. All leagues will adhere to FIFA’s soccer rules with a few modifications. We strongly encourage all participating AYSO Adult Soccer programs to create their own modified laws of the game to suit their needs. And remember, the referee’s decisions are always final.  We will also make use of our Youth Referees to officiate our adult soccer matches.  You also also see our rules and regulations right here.


Q. Are there rules and regulations?

A. AYSO will have a sample set of rules and regulations that will be available for AYSO Adult Soccer programs to adapt and use. These rules and regulations will allow you to effectively manage your program and allow players to play in the a safe, fair and fun environment that we will be actively promoting.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact our Regional Commissioner Patrick Gross at [email protected].

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