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PURPOSE: This league is co-ed RECREATIONAL adult soccer, adhering to the six philosophies of AYSO, and will be officiated with an emphasis on player safety.  If there are any safety concerns please report them to the referee or the league coordinator.

Philosophy: "Create a soccer playing environment for adults that incorporates the AYSO principles."

Vision: "Enrich the quality of life in our communities through adult soccer programs conducted in a safe, fair, and fun environment."

Mission: "To benefit and support AYSO by developing youth and community through soccer programs for adults, educating and training adults in both soccer and youth development so they may become youth coaches, referees and volunteers, and providing financial support to local youth soccer programs."

TEAM ORGANIZATION: Players must be 19 years old to play. Teams will be assembled and balanced based on player ratings. Each player may request to play with one family member or friend.

MATCH AND FIELD DETAILS: Game length will be two 25 minutes halves with a 5 minute half time. Matches will be co-ed 7 v 7. No added time or stoppage time allowed, and games that start late will be stopped when the next game is scheduled to begin. No scores will be kept nor team standings. In the event smaller fields are unavailable and a game is played on a larger field, the team coordinators may agree to play with more players on the field. If they cannot agree, games will be 7 v 7. Games on Field 3 will always be 7v7. Games may be relocated or canceled due to field availability and inclement weather.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Unlimited free substitution is allowed during any stoppage of play with the permission of the referee. 

JERSEYS: All players must wear an official AYSO Adult League jersey in order to play. NO JERSEY, NO PLAY.  Only exception is if the league does not have a new jersey for a new player and the league rep(s) confirm that the player has registered.

GUEST PLAYERS: Guest players from other teams are allowed as long as they are currently registered with the adult league and are wearing an official jersey. Teams caught violating this requirement will be suspended for one weekend. Guest players should substitute unless a team player wishes to sub out. If a guest player skews the competitiveness of the game, consider putting him or her in the goal or swap players.

GOAL KEEPERS: There are very few people who want to play . Be fair, take a turn in the goal.

JEWELRY: No jewelry of any kind is permitted to be worn. Covering up jewelry using tape or Band-Aids is not allowed. The only exception is for medical bracelets and wedding bands if not removable, which must be taped. 

GEAR: Proper shin guards are required and must be completely covered by socks. No exceptions. Hard-brimmed caps, especially baseball caps, may not be worn.

RULES: AYSO Rules and Guidelines as well as USSF Laws of the Game will be used for circumstances not covered by the rules herein. 
-NO THROW INS: A goal may not be scored directly from a throw in. Opponents must be 5 meters away from the kick and refrain from distraction or interfering with the restart. 

-GOALKEEPING: Punting is allowed, but goalkeepers may not score on a punt. All other Laws pertaining to the goalkeeper apply normally. Goalkeepers may dive for a ball but may not slide feet first when an opponent is nearby (see “Slide Tackling” rule below).

-HARD SHOTS: Hard shots from close in can hurt a goalie and are discouraged. If a player misses a hard shot, he/she must go retrieve the ball. If a player kicks the ball over the fence, that player must immediately sub out and retrieve the ball (if possible), and must sit out for three minutes (if the three minutes extend into halftime, the player may start the second half). He or she may be replaced by another player. The game should be restarted as quickly as possible with an extra ball kept near the goal.

-MISCONDUCT: Any player cautioned (yellow card) will be immediately replaced by a substitute and must sit out three minutes. The player may return at the next stoppage of play after permission from the referee. Any player receiving a red card must leave the field and may not play for any team the following weekend. He or she may be replaced with a substitute. There is zero tolerance for misconduct of any kind. Referees must report misconduct to the league coordinator within 24 hours. Players receiving cards may be penalized by the league, including suspension and expulsion.

-OFFSIDE: Teams should self-monitor obvious “cherry picking”, and the referee may, at his or her option, enforce cherry picking. The idea is that players should not cheat just because there is no assistant referee, however teams should not try to use an offside trap with the hopes that the ref will enforce an offside offense.

-SLIDE TACKLING: Whether accidental or not, slide tackling (defined as a player leaving his/her feet to play the ball with an opponent nearby) is not allowed and will result in an Indirect Free Kick for the opposing team and possibly a misconduct (yellow or red card) depending on the severity. This includes goal keepers.

-FREE KICKS: All free kicks shall be indirect free kicks. Defense must be 5 meters away. There are no penalty kicks. Fouls normally resulting in a penalty kick will be taken 3 meters from the edge of the penalty area. The only exceptions are a kick-off and a corner kick, both of which are direct kicks.

-INJURIES: Information and forms for injuries can be found on the national website- click on Rules and Info and then insurance:

-REFEREES: All games are required to have a referee . If there is not a referee available for a game, the game shall not be played. If a game is played, it is not an official league game.

- RUNNING UP THE SCORE: Running up the score is discouraged. If your team is ahead by several goals, try moving your goal scorers to defense or goalie, or swap players with the other team.

- PLAY NICE: The league discourages a stronger player making an aggressive challenge on a lesser player. 


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Fair Play Policy

We maintain a zero tolerance policy in regard to any violation of our Fair Play Pledge and the basic safety and sportsmanship rules of our league.  Anyone not willing to follow this philosophy will be asked to leave our league and find another more suitable to their needs.

The following are some of the violations that will result in permanent removal from the Palmdale AYSO Adult League:

  • Slide-tackling
  • Frequent or flagrant use of foul language
  • Fighting (regardless of who started it)
  • Dirty play, including, but not limited to, taunting (both verbally and physically) or retaliating for an earlier perceived injustice
  • Consistent dissent with officials, including the League Board
  • Refusal to abide by decisions or requests of the officials, including the League Board
  • Cheating of any kind, including, but not limited to, playing illegal players
  • The use of alcohol, tobacco or any controlled substance on, or around, an AYSO facility

We reserve the right to determine any other causes for removal at the discretion of the League Board based on the severity of the offense.

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