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The AYSO Area 11L Adult League is operated for the purpose of giving adults the same opportunity as the youth of our community to learn and enjoy the game of soccer.  This league is geared to those volunteers who give a significant amount of their time towards the kids in AYSO.  

This league is considered a family event.  Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and fair environment for all who want to simply enjoy the game and get some exercise. Our aim is to provide a venue for recreational play. We will maintain a recreational mindset among the players and make every effort to reduce overzealous play. We do not tolerate out of control play or action, our goal is to promote adult behavior and good sportsmanship.

This is a recreational adult coed soccer program.  The league is designed to accommodate a wide range of player skill levels. Some players have never played soccer before, while others are highly skilled. The only requirement is that you come out to have some fun. The intent is to play soccer on Friday nights, then coach and referee your kids AYSO games on the weekend and then go to work on Monday.

Sportsmanship & Player Protection
  • Sportsmanship: please show the utmost sportsmanship. Act like your spouse, kids and mother are watching you (they probably are)
  • Women will be protected by referees (i.e. 50/50 ball between male and female is not 50/50 - male must soften his challenge)
  • No hard strikes of the ball by a male player should be taken when a female field player is directly in front.  This will be considered dangerous play.
  • Do not charge the goalkeeper!
  • No more than two goals by any individual player will be counted per game.  A ball played into the goal (from a direct shot or deflection by a defender) by a player who has already scored twice will result in a goal-kick.  
  • Fun - Fair - Safe.
  • No slide-tackling.
Format of Play
  • 11v11 including GKs.
  • Maximum of 8 men on the field (meaning usually 3 women).
  • Games will be two 40-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime break. 
  • Free and unlimited substitutions when ball is out of play at Referee's discretion. All players must play at least half of each game.
  • Ball size: 5 (home team must supply three game balls).
  • Shinguards must be worn. Soccer cleats are strongly suggested. Baseball/Football cleats will not be allowed.
  • No pets, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, other controlled substances, noise makers, drones etc. will be allowed at the field.
  • Teams shall wear matching shirts/jerseys and must have unique player numbers on the back. 
  • DO NOT HARASS the referees.
  • Cautions (yellow card): A player receiving a caution must exit the game for 5 minutes with no substitution allowed.
  • Send-offs (red card): A player sent-off must leave the field immediately and is ineligible to return for the remainder the season or until after a review by the league discipline committee.
  • Infractions described above (hard play/strike against women and/or slide-tackling) are considered "dangerous play" and will be awarded an indirect free kick.
  • AYSO/FIFA laws of the game apply unless noted.
  • Only registered players that appear on both the league-supplied lineup card and the ID card page may play in any match.  
  • A minimum of 7 players from the roster is required to start a match.  
  • The use of unregistered players will result in a forfeit and possible manager and/or teamsuspension.

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