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Madison Adult Soccer League (MASL)


MASL membership is OPEN to anyone 18-years of age or older. You don't need to have played soccer before to join MASL, all abilities are welcome.

Player Equipment

To keep things simple and reduce cost, MASL doesn't have set uniforms. Instead we ask the each player bring both a WHITE and a DARK colored T-shirt to each game. Shorts and socks can be any color, although socks must cover shin guards. All players must wear shin guards. Soccer cleats are not required, sneakers will do, but open toed and footwear with a toe cleat are not permitted.

If we do play a formal game against another league/team we will coordinate a uniform for that game(s)

Playing Seasons

The MASL Membership Year runs from 1 Sep to 31 Aug of the following year. The Membership Fee includes all playing seasons within the Membership Year. The Membership Fee does NOT include any travel costs, uniform costs, tournament entrance fees, and any and all other expenses, unless otherwise agreed.

The MASL Playing Seasons are generally concurrent with AYSO Region 498 seasons, and typically consist of:

> Fall Season - Aug to Nov

> Winter/Indoor - Dec to Feb (playing Futsal 5v5)

> Spring - Mar to May

Summer is not an official season, but games may be organized by those interested.

Game Format

Game format is very flexible. Usually we play a weekly "Pick Up" game, typically after 3pm if on Sat or on Sun. During the AYSO Region 498 (the kids) season we are allocated a field and time after the kids have finished playing. During the off season it's more flexible and we can self organize depending on fields closure.

Pick Up game teams are usually determined by who is wearing the closest color shirts, with a bit of swapping as needed. Ideally everyone brings both a WHITE and a DARK colored shirt. Depending on who turns up the Pick Up game can 3v3 up to a full 11v11; except Winter when we play indoor, which is a max of 5v5. Substitutions during Pick Up games are at anytime, don't have to wait for a stoppage.

Tournaments - We don't typically enter tournaments, but if a group of players wish to enter a tournament as a MASL team they can do. Entrance Fee, uniform costs, and any other expenditure associated with the tournament are an individual responsibility.

League Play - If we grow to the point we can and want to form teams, we can do that. Or if a group of players want to form a team to enter another league that works too.

Playing other AYSO Adult teams
- We have played other AYSO Adult teams in the past, and we can do so again. We can also form an AYSO Adult league with these other teams. We need a volunteer to organize this.

Futsal - We play Futsal during the Winter season, which is indoors at local school gyms; mainly James Clemens High School. For info on Futsal have look at this for an overview

Registration Process

The Registration process consists of....

1. Creating an Account - this is a one time only task. The same account will be used year on year to register for each Membership Year.

2. Complete Registration Form - this is completed after logging in to the account created at step 1.

3. Signing Registration Form - this is by eSignature, note the signing process has 2 steps; 1. signing and 2. confirming signature.

4. Making payment - pay with credit card online

What does the Membership Fee pay for? - The Membership Fee is covers 2 parts:

1. National Membership Fee - $30 goes to AYSO National to cover player insurance

2. MASL Fee - $20 goes to MASL. The vast majority of this fee covers the cost of gym rental during the Winter/Indoor season.


Communication between members will typically be:

>> Email using the Blue Sombrero website (this site)

>> A BAND post - is one of AYSO's National Partners. BAND is a mobile community application that facilitates group communication. 

>> Schedule listing on - this is the official game schedule for AYSO Region 498

 BAND can be accessed from mobile devices or a PC.

The URL of the MASL group is or click the BAND logo.

The BAND app can be found in the App Store

National Partners

Contact Us

Madison Adult Soccer League

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Email Us: [email protected]
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