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AYSO Matrix 11-S

AYSO Matrix is a competitive soccer program with interplay with US Club Soccer club teams in the SOCAL Soccer League (SOCAL) for boys and girls in age divisions 09U - 19U.

 History - from the 2001 through 2020 seasons, AYSO Matrix participated with CalSouth Soccer League club teams in the Presidio Soccer League (Presidio).  Beginning with the 2021 season, AYSO Matrix joined US Club Soccer and SOCAL Soccer to grow our competitive soccer programs.

AYSO Matrix 11-S is the US Club League of Registraton serving the communities below.  For specific Tryout, Registration and Team information, please click on the AYSO Matrix 11-S Club name for a link to the Club website.


AYSO Matrix 11-S ClubAYSO RegionPrimary Communities Served
AYSO Matrix Bonita116Bonita, Eastern Chula Vista
AYSO Matrix Spring Valley (inactive in 2023)258Spring Valley, Lemmon Grove
AYSO Matrix Chula Vista290Western Chula Vista
AYSO Matrix Paradise Hills (inactive in 2023)581Paradise Hills, National City, San Diego
AYSO Matrix South Bay712South Bay, Imperial Beach, Nestor, South San Diego

: please click on the Club name for a link to the Club website

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) recommended two initiatives in 2017 designed to enhance the development of youth players.  These two initiatives were implemented by CalSouth, Presidio, SDDA, US Club Soccer and SOCAL Soccer (prior SCDSL) beginning with the 2016-2017 season for play that began on or after August 1, 2016.  The two initiatives are:
1) Player age divisions will be aligned to calendar birth year, rather than the prior system of fiscal year or school year; and 
2) Small Sided Games in 06U - 12U.



The following chart depicts the changes for the
2023 - 2024 season.  Team Roster Maximums were increased for age divisions 09U - 14U on
02-20-19. All players present at each game must play at least 50% of the game.




Number of Players
on the Field

Number of Players
Team Roster Maximum

Recommended Field Dimensions
(L x W in yards)

Goal Dimensions
(H x W in feet)
 09U20154507 v 71255 x 35 (min) to 65 x 45 (max)6.5 x 12  or  6.5 x 18.5
10U 2014  4 50 7 v 7 12 55 x 35 (min) to 65 x 45 (max) 6.5 x 12  or  6.5 x 18.5 
11U 2013 4 60 9 v 9 14 70 x 45 (min) to 80 x 55 (max) 6.5 x 18.5  or  7 x 21  
12U20124609 v 91470 x 45 (min) to 80 x 55 (max)6.5 x 18.5  or  7 x 21
13U201157011 v 1117100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24
14U201057011 v 1117100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24
15U200958011 v 1118100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24
16U200858011 v 1118100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24
17U200759011 v 1118100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24
18U200659011 v 1118100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24
19U200559011 v 1118100 x 50 (min) to 120 x 80 (max)8 x 24

Note:  USSF has implemented a Concussion Rule Change which requires youth soccer programs to implement restrictions in heading the ball during practices and games beginning with the 2017 season.

        09U thru 11U – deliberate or accidental heading is 
not permitted in practice or games; restart with IFK for the opposing team

        12U – heading in practice is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per week with no more than 15-20 headers per player;
               no restriction on heading in matches, HOWEVER, Presidio has implemented a No Heading policy in 12U beginning with the 2020 season

        13U thru 19U - no restriction on heading in practices or matches


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