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2023 Course Information

Coach Track

  • 12U Coaching Certification (Saturday 2:15 PM-6:30 PM- 12U Coach Certification classroom and field portions). 12U Online pre-course is required prerequisite.
  • Intermediate Coach Certification (Friday 8AM-12PM- Classroom; Saturday 2:15 PM- 4:15PM Field Session)- 12U Coach and Intermediate online portion prerequisite
  • Advanced Coach Certification ( Saturday 9:45 AM- 6:30 PM)- Intermediate Coach and Advanced Coach online pre-course required
  • Annual Coach Update 2023 (Saturday 8:15AM- 9:30 AM) - From updates to the National Coaching Program to COVID-19 resources and protocols this workshop includes general updates from the AYSO coaching world (and beyond). A must for all AYSO coaches.
  • Effective Session Planning and Implementation (Saturday 9:45 AM-11:00 AM)- Become a better coach now! Coaches will learn how to plan and conduct a successful training session. This includes efficient time management, what a complete training session should look like and how to develop and progress the session to fit the needs of both the individuals and the entire team.
  • United Soccer Coaches Presents Essential Principles of Effective Youth Coaching (Saturday 11:15 AM- 12:30 PM)- An interactive workshop that introduces six key principles of effective youth coaching. Through discussion, first-time and novice coaches will be introduced to helpful ideas to make a training session more purposeful and enjoyable for coach and player alike. Each principle will be explained using training games that can immediately be applied at the coach’s next session. After this short class a coach will be able to deliver better and more fun training sessions, leaving both themselves and the players wanting more.
  • The Coaching Manual Presents Top 5 Age Group Activities (Sunday 8:45 AM- 10:00 AM)- The AYSO Coaching Manual team curate their favorite 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14+ age group activities and walk through the design, organization, progressions and how to adapt them for your own team.
  • AYSO Goalkeeping 1 Certification (Sunday 8:45 AM- 11:30 AM)- For 10U and 12U coaches. Certification class that provides an introduction to the practical and theoretical aspects of training 10U and 12U goalkeepers. The class will cover the three principles of being a successful goalkeeper: positional play, handling and distribution. The class will also focus on: the build-out line for 10U goalkeepers; integrating the goalkeeper into your weekly practice and providing structure to your pre- game warm up.

Referee Track

  • Intermediate Referee Certification (Saturday 8:15 AM- 6:30 PM)- Regional referee prerequisite
  • Advanced Referee Certification (Friday 8:00 AM- 6:30 PM)- Intermediate Referee prerequisite
  • Referee Roundtable (Saturday 8:15 AM- 9:30AM)- Attendance is essential for all AYSO volunteers in the referee program including referees, instructors, assessors, mentors, schedulers/assignors and administrators. Workshop covers the latest changes in the Laws of the Game, review of program changes, points of emphasis for 2022/23.

Instructor Track

  • Intro to Instruction (Friday 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM)- 1-hour pre-course online work (this course must be rostered prior to EXPO)

Coach Instructor

  • Coach Instructor Certification (Friday 1:00 PM- 6:30PM)- 12U Coach and Intro to Instruction pre-requisites
  • Advanced Coach Instructor Certification (Friday 8:00 AM-6:30 PM)- Advanced Coach and Coach Instructor Pre-requisites
  • EPIC/VIP Instructor Certification (Sunday 8:45 AM- 11:30 AM)

Referee Instructor

  • Referee Instructor (Saturday 8:15 AM- 6:30 PM)- Intermediate Referee and Intro to Instruction pre-requisites
  • Advanced Referee Instructor (Friday 8:00 AM- 6:30 PM) 
  • Referee Instructor Evaluator (Sunday 8:45 AM- 11:30 AM)

Management Instructor

  • Management Instructor (Friday 1:00 PM- 6:30PM) 
  • Advanced Management Instructor (Friday 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM)

Management Track


  • RC/AD Training Certification (Friday 1:00 PM- 6:30 PM) 
  • Registrar Certification (Saturday 8:15 AM- 9:30 AM)
  • Treasurer Certification (Saturday 8:15 AM- 9:30 AM)
  • Auditor Certification (Saturday 11:15 AM- 12:30 PM)  -This workshop provides basic training for Auditors at the Region, Area or Section level, covering the role of the AYSO Auditor, to independently ensure fiscal management in all levels of AYSO, and to identify potential problems before they occur. Learn how to spot a “red flag” and what to do if improprieties are uncovered. The Auditor or Fiduciary will learn about AYSO’s audit procedures and about AYSO’s audit checklist. The types of documents to review will also be covered. Even if you have no financial background, this course will help you get started with the tools that you’ll need for an independent review of your Section, Area or Region.
  • Due Process Certification (Saturday 11:15 AM- 12:30 PM)  -This workshop provides more detail and information for Regional Boards and Disciplinary Review Panel members when handling difficult situations with volunteers. Learn the process to use when limiting, suspending, or removing/terminating a volunteer (Non- Executive Member) from their participation in AYSO. This workshop will review the many tools available to properly deal with serious personnel problems and examine the procedures when offering the volunteer their due process and appeal protection.
  • Safety Director Certification  (Saturday 3:45 PM- 5:00 PM)
  • Regional Board Member Certification  (Saturday 5:15 PM- 6:30 PM) -Calling all volunteers; this workshop is for you! This course provides all board members with a general understanding of their role in the administration of the Regional Board and where to find information about their specific role. Learn about AYSO’s Standard Regional Policies and Protocols and using AYSO’s Six Philosophies. Volunteers will understand the common responsibilities all volunteers share in the areas of Kid Zone, budgeting, time management, communications, and recruitment necessary to make a Region successful.
  • CVPA Certification (Sunday 8:45 AM- 11:30 AM)    -The Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) is a required board position put in place to help protect our two vital resources: the players and volunteers. This training class leads you through an understanding of the position, AYSO’s Criminal History Background Check Policy, and volunteer screening protocols. This workshop is also open to others who wish to learn more about volunteer eligibility and what AYSO is doing to protect players and volunteers.
  • Dispute Resolution Certification  (Saturday 3:45 PM- 5:00 PM)  -This course is designed for Region and Area Board Members and will cover recommended approaches for dealing with conflict and resolving difficult issues. It will provide resources to help volunteers work through challenging situations before they escalate to the point of needing Due Process. 
  • Advanced Dispute Resolution Certification     (Saturday 5:15 PM- 6:30 PM) -Build upon your knowledge gained in the Dispute Resolution workshop. Dive deeper into situations that may arise in your Region and understand additional solutions. This course provides practical application of the strategies learned in both Dispute Resolution and Dispute Resolution Review workshops.
  • Division Coordinator Certification (Sunday 10:15 AM- 11:30 AM)-The Division Coordinator is a vital member of the support team in any Region. All the basics of the Division Coordinator position are covered including roles and responsibilities and the importance of functioning as an intermediary between the Region Board, Coaches, Referees and parents. See how a Division Coordinator can be effective in different scenarios and learn how to have a real impact on the success of your Region.
  • Coach Administrator Certification   (Sunday 10:15 AM- 11:30 AM) -Arguably one of AYSO’s most important roles, this session is a necessity for all Regional Coach Administrators to learn and enjoy their duties and responsibilities. Topics include an overview of the AYSO National Coaching Program, the importance of our accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation for Coaching Education (NCACE), implementation of US Soccer Player Development Initiatives, how to manage coaching courses, managing your coaching budget, working with the Region Board to create an environment that supports coach and player development, the Stewards of the Game format, the importance of a coaching calendar, and much, much more! Experienced coach administrators are encouraged to attend and to add their experience to the discussions
  • Regional Referee Administrator Certification (Sunday 8:45 AM- 11:30 AM) -We will review the responsibilities of a Regional Referee Administrator focusing on the activities that are key to managing a Regional Referee Program. Topics include Referee: Budget, Recruitment and Retention. Resources, methods and recommendations will be shared with the students to help you be successful in carrying out the RRA duties.

General Management

  • Everything you wanted to know about AYSO but were afraid to ask    (Saturday 8:15 AM- 9:30 AM)  -An open session to follow up on National Updates for volunteers to discuss AYSO with senior leadership.
  • Management Update 2023   (Saturday 9:45 AM-11:00 AM)  -Updates to the National Management Program including any Bylaw, Rules & Regulations, Policy and Program updates
  • The Importance of a Safe, Fair, Fun, family-friendly environment, Welcome to Kids Zone 2023!  (Saturday 2:15 PM-3:30 PM)  -While everyone agrees that youth sports provide invaluable benefits to all kids, staggering statistics show that kids are leaving sports at increasing rates. Why? Because it’s not always fun and because of the unrealistic expectations placed on them to perform. Kids Zone sidelines are essential for kids to play freely, fail, and learn the beautiful game of soccer. Learn about the newly updated Kids Zone program materials and the importance of making every AYSO game a Kids Zone.

Finance and Business Systems Training

  • Divvy/Quickbooks    (Saturday 9:45 AM-11:00 AM)  -This workshop is for anyone working with Section/Area/Regional finances, especially treasurers, Regional Commissioners, and Auditors. You will learn about using a Divvy card to help your regional volunteers have the ability to make purchases for the S/A/R with ease. You will also learn about creating and using budgets as well as how to use Quickbooks to record all transactions to make your end of year reporting to the AYSO office seamless and automatic.
  • Sports Connect    (Saturday 5:15 PM- 6:30 PM)  -This workshop is for anyone who is using Sports Connect, especially Regional Commissioners, Registrars, Webmasters, Coach Admins, etc. There are many things that you can do with Sports Connect that you may not know about. Learn if your registration system is set up to optimize what programs you offer. Learn about the “New Season Tune Up” and more. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn how this platform can make the administration of soccer easy and make more time for being on the field!
  • Association Platform  (Saturday 2:15 PM-3:30 PM) -This workshop is for any board member who needs to learn about (or more about) the Association Platform and how to use it most effectively to print reports, verify volunteer status and certifications, and more! Get the valuable information you need to be able to get the business of your region done efficiently!
  • AYSOU/eTrainU  (Sunday 8:45 AM-10:00 AM) -This workshop is for any volunteer who needs to use AYSOU to create courses, register for courses, take online courses, complete courses, and more. You will learn to navigate AYSOU and learn to help others in your Region or Area be able to take courses and register for courses with ease! 
  • Sit down with the Stack Sports team (Saturday 11:15 AM- 12:30 PM)  -This is your chance to ask the Stack sports team questions on the Sports Connect and Association Platform.

Special Programs Track

  • Welcome to EPIC (Friday 1:00 PM- 2:15 PM)  -Significant updates to the VIP Program, including identity/branding, methodology and guidelines. The step-by-step plan for adding an EPIC “division” is easy to implement; and if you already offer the program, it is a chance to share enhancement ideas and learn how to provide even more opportunities for participants. A must for all VIP/EPIC administrators, coaches, buddies and volunteers
  • EPIC Volunteer Training (Friday 2:15 PM- 4:45 PM) -This course provides the training needed for all coaches, referees, administrators and buddies who volunteer with your EPIC division.
  • Playground and Schoolyard Soccer Leader Certification (Friday 5:00 PM- 6:30 PM) -A certification class for AYSO Playground and Schoolyard Program Leaders. We will discuss what the AYSO Playground, AYSO Playtime and AYSO Schoolyard programs are; who should be the lead volunteer; how the programs are run; and why the programs are so important to AYSO.


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