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Ball Size: 4

- Players on field: 7
- Goalkeepers.  Starting in U10, we have goalkeepers.
- Substitutions: Between quarters, at halftime, and for injuries.
- Every player should play a minimum of two quarters per game and no player should play four quarters until everyone has played three quarters.

Game Setup
- For the last BU10 games, which end at 12:00 pm, we need parents to help with taking down the goals from your field and putting away in the goal bag.
- Instructions for the goal take down:
PLEASE DO NOT WRAP THE NETS AROUND THE FRAME.  Just lay them flat under the frame when putting into the goal bag.

The Game

- Start of play will be kick-off at center of field
- Game length: Four 12 1/2 minute quarters
- Only players and referees are allowed on the field.
- Throw-ins for balls played outside the touchline
- Corner kicks are used.
- Goal kicks:  They will be taken from a penalty box marked by yellow lines.
- Goalkeeper cannot drop-kick or punt the ball.
- Build-out line:  In short, the build-out line is where an opposing team must wait behind, while the goalkeeper has the ball or a goal kick is being taken.  In addition, a player is offsides if the player is beyond the build-out line and past the second to last defender.  Here is an in-depth description of the build-out line:

- No slide tackling
- No heading the ball
- Game should end a few minutes before the end of the hour to allow for a smooth transition to the next game.

- Coaches may offer words of encouragement
- Coaches will refrain from shouting from sidelines
- The coach is responsible for the actions of the parents
- Line-up cards - Please fill out a lineup card for each game and hand it to the referee after the match:

- AYSO certified 10U Officials or higher are recommended for 10U games.
- The 10U Official should briefly explain any infringements to the player(s) and encourage proper play and sporting behavior.
- Every effort should be made to keep the game moving and free from stoppages for doubtful infractions. Let them play and enjoy. 
- If a certified official is not available, each coach should help officiate the game.

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