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NOTE: AYSO is in the process of changing their training platform from AYSOU to E-TrainU.  
Please use the following four images to find your E-TrainU account:

Log into your Region 7 account.

Once logged in, click "Volunteer" from the sidebar.

Click on "My Training" from the list of roles.

AYSO will redirect the webpage to the E-TrainU website, and automatically log you into your training account.

Click on the "Training Library" or "Training Events" to find online or in-person session for different volunteering roles in AYSO.  This is how you can become a coach, referee, or other role in the organization.  Also, you will find Safe Haven, Concussion, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest training videos under these tabs.


For the old AYSOU method, look below:

1.    Logging into (click here)

Browse to, click the login button at the upper right of the page (see green oval in Figure 1), enter the same username and password that you use for

Figure 1, AYSOU Login Page

2.    Taking the Safe Haven or Concussion Awareness class

a)      After you login, click on the “My Courses” tab at the left of the red banner (see green oval in Figure 2).

b)      Click on the Open button on the line of the course you want to take (see green oval in  Figure 3).

c)      Click on the Launch button of the first module of the course (see green oval in Figure 4).  Continue through modules in order.

When you complete the class, take a screenshot of the displayed completion notice, in case the system glitches.



Figure 2.  My Courses Tab


Figure 3. Opening Safe Haven Class


Figure 4.Launching First Safe Haven Module


3.    Obtaining an Online Coach or Referee class

1)      After you login, hover your cursor over the eCommerce tab at the right of the red banner and then click on the Products link of the dropdown menu (see green oval in Figure 5).

2)      Click on the “Coaching Training” link (or “Referee Training”) at the left of the page (see green oval in Figure 6).

3)      Click on the “See Details” button for the course you would like to obtain – 8U Coaching in this case (see green oval in Figure 7).

4)      Click on the “Buy Now” button (see green oval in Figure 8).  You can pay for the course with a credit card or with a voucher code that you can obtain from your division commissioner.

5)      After you purchase the course, it will appear under the “My Courses” tab in the red banner.  See instructions for taking the Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness classes.


Figure 5. eCommerce Tab and Products Link


Figure 6.” Coaching Training” Link


Figure 7.  “See Details” Button



Figure 8. "Buy Now" Button



4.    Searching for and Registering for In-Person Classes

1)      After you login, click on the “Live Courses” tab in the red banner (see green oval in Figure 9).

2)      Click on the “Show All” button under the calendar (see green oval in Figure 10).

3)      Click on the Sessions button on any listing of the course you want to take, regardless of date (see green oval for example of 8U Coach in Figure 11).  Note that there is a scroll bar to the right of the course listings.

4)      Scroll through the course listings.  To obtain more information about a session, click on the blue text for that session (see green oval in Figure 12).

5)      To register for the class session, click on the Register button at the right (see green oval in Figure 13).



Figure 9. "Live Courses" Tab


Figure 10. "Show All" Button



Figure 11. Sessions Button


Figure 12. Click on Blue Text for More Information



Figure 13. Register Button

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