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COVID 19 Update

The Arizona Soccer Association has advanced to Phase 4, Step 2 of the Return to Play Guidelines, which is great news for all of our families and teams. This means at one of our venues, (Santos Park), spectators will be allowed to sit on the sidelines to enjoy their children play soccer; however, there are still a series of restrictions which we must adhere to so we can continue to enjoy this privilege.  

As for Highland Junior High School and Cooley Middle School, the standards originally described, have not yet changed. Please refer to the photos on the home page of the website to see maps of the complexes. 

-Teams will sit on the opposite side of the field from one another and be positioned behind the Assistant Referee, Spectators will sit on the same side of the field as their team, but opposite the side of the Assistant Referee. 

-All visitors to any venue, must be in mask, unless a valid medical reason prohibits you from wearing one. Any exception to this rule must be approved by the tournament director.

-All families must try and social distance, as much as possible.

-All players must wear a mask from the parking lot to their field to and from the parking lot. 

-All coaches, and team officials, shall wear a mask at all times.

-Players, not in the match, must wear a mask, or be seated 6ft apart, while on the sideline.

-There will be no coin toss. Home team gets to choose which direction they wish to defend in the first half and visiting team starts with possession. 

-No pre, or post game, handshakes.

-No team benches or canopies provided by the tournament host.

-It is recommended teams bring more than one canopy, to encourage social distancing for players on the bench.

-No water stations provided by the tournament host.

It is imperative all teams self -monitor their sides for adherence to this standards. Violations could result in club fines.

For a complete list of all of the guidelines, please refer to the Arizona Soccer Association website at


The AYSO United Arizona Staff

Check In Requirements

AYSO United Arizona Cup Weekend Friendly

Date of Event: October 1-3rd, 2020





Deadline: Friday September 18th, 2020 by 10:00 PM NO EXCEPTIONS      


Teams that complete online registration will receive a Confirmation Email by Wednesday September 2nd, 2019 at 10:00 p.m. Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address listed as “Primary Contact” for this specific event. Please do not send individual inquiries prior to the deadline.

Online registration documents must include:

o   Team Info Sheet (This is to provide contact info for coaches/managers)

o   State/Club Approved Roster (USYSA or US Club)

o   Current Player Cards to match roster uploaded for the 2020/2021 season

o   Permission to Travel (if needed from your state

Directions to Complete Online Check-In:

1.     Teams must provide state/US club approved roster and current player cards, including guest player cards

2.     Submission process:

a.     SCAN each document.

b.    SAVE each document type as an individual PDF as they will be uploaded separately.

                                          i.    Please use descriptive titles so you will know which files to upload.

                                         ii.    Please upload all player cards as one PDF document.

c.     UPLOAD the documents to GotSoccer

  Log in to your team’s GotSoccer page with your username and password.

  Select Tournament name.

  Select the “Documents” tab.

  Select the labels from the drop-down list in the “Team Document Upload” box and upload the appropriate files.


All payments need to be received by the week of the tournament. Please mail your check to:

AYSO United AZ
5235 E. Southern Ave Ste D106-124
Mesa AZ 85206

Commonly Asked Questions

ROSTER UPDATES (If applicable):

Must notify GotSoccer via email at [email protected].  After confirmation of your initial check-in, your roster is locked and you will need to contact GotSoccer to confirm your updated roster.

How do I add a guest player?

Step 1: OBTAIN the guest player’s card and medical release form.

Step 2: ADD the guest player to your official Roster (USYSA or US Club), unique jersey number, player identification number, and date of birth to the existing approved roster.

Step 3: SCAN and COMBINE into a PDF document

Can I have different player passes from different organizations?

Mixed rosters will NOT be allowed.  No Mixing US Club and USYSA passes; even for guest players. 

How do I add a guest player after I submitted my online registration?

Contact GotSoccer via email at [email protected] to add guest players online.  You will need to upload an updated roster with the guest player's information on it (jersey #, name, birth date, player ID #) and upload their player card (either separately or with the rest). Please let GotSoccer know when this has been completed. 





Field Directory


AYSO United Arizona

5235 E. Southern Ave D106-124 Mesa Arizona United States 85206

for today only

(Last updated 07/24/20 at 03:32 PM )

View Directions

Nos Santos Soccer Complex

12033 S. Sossaman Rd Mesa Arizona United States 85212

for today only

(Last updated 09/23/20 at 04:27 PM )

View Directions

Highland Junior High

6915 E. Guadalupe Road Mesa Arizona United States 85212

for today only

(Last updated 09/13/20 at 10:20 AM )

View Directions

Cooley Junior High

1100 S Recker Rd Gilbert Arizona United States 85296

for today only

(Last updated 09/13/20 at 10:26 AM )

View Directions

Sportsmanship Award

 At the end of every match, one player from each team will be given a Sportsmanship Award, as determined by the Referee crew. This award is not intended to be an MVP award, but to promote players who demonstrate a positive attitude and a style of play consistent with the goals and values of youth soccer everywhere. 

Winners of these awards, may be featured on our social media, unless parents notify us they do not want photos published. 

Tournament Rules

AYSO United Arizona Cup Weekend Friendly Tournament Rules

Covid 19 Updates:

Due to the pandemic, which is currently impacting our state, we will be complying with certain safety protocols to ensure the safest environment possible. The following are a list of some of the changes which will be implemented:

  1. The introduction of players and referees will not take place in the center of the pitch. The visiting team will automatically be given the ball at the start of play and the home team will get to select which goal they wish to defend. The home team will start the second half.
  2. Parents and families are discouraged from remaining at the park before or after their match is played.
  3. Families and spectators shall adhere to social distancing standards and use face coverings In the designated “Spectator Zones” as dictated by the City of Mesa the Town of Gilbert and Maricopa County.
  4. All teams must immediately exit the pitch upon completion of the match.
  5. Only Coaches, players and managers will be allowed in the technical area/coaches box and must have a pass displayed.
  6. All pre-match check ins will take place on the field by the referees.
  7. Players not in the match are encouraged to wear a mask or should be socially distanced from each other. If players will not be in a mask, then the the use of a team bench is strongly discouraged. 
  8. Teams who are planning on using canopies, are encouraged to use more than one, to provide maximum shade and discourage violations of social distancing. 
  9. All teams are required to have a designated field Marshall for their own parents, to make sure parents on in compliance. 


All matters related to the tournament should be directed to the Tournament Director at [email protected] or [email protected]   It is the responsibility of the coaches and managers to ensure appropriate phone numbers and email addresses are entered onto the team’s roster/application. Coaches and managers need to review and make sure they are familiar with the rules, pre-match check in procedures and credentials.    

CHECK-IN AND CREDENTIALS     MANDATORY CHECK-IN: All teams will check in online which will include uploading player passes with their rosters and the following CREDENTIALS:

● All players, coaches and assistant coaches must have a current year FIFA, USSF, USYSA, US CLUB, ASSA, AYSO, ODP, or affiliate member pass, depending upon the type of tournament sanctioned (restricted, unrestricted, etc.).  

● Team Roster - Teams must provide official rosters including jersey numbers. Any player participating in the tournament must be on the roster.  

● Laminated Player ID cards, proof of birth date and Medical Release forms (notarized for out of state players) must be in the team admins possession at all times

● Out of state team travel paperwork (league travel authorization, team roster) 

● All loan player forms (signed by appropriate parties). Guest players must be from the same club and will require the same credentials as rostered players. 

● Academy teams are not required to have a player pass. They must have a Medical Release form and be on a roster. 


Age groups

Maximum Number of Rostered players

U9 and U10

(12) players

U11 and U12

(14) players


(22) players


A team may add up to three (5) guest players, not to exceed above stated maximums. This provision is to allow for teams who may have difficulty having a complete team available due to concerns related to Covid 19. If a team has 18 on a roster and all 18 show up, including five guest players, this would be poor sportsmanship and not in the spirit of this allowance. If the tournament director determines their is abuse of this provision for the purpose of stacking a team, the coach may receive a caution and the amount of guest players requested may be reduced or omitted. 

Players may not play for more than one (1) team during the tournament. No player will be allowed to play in a younger age bracket.  All teams will be required to have the player passes in their possession at all times. If there is a challenge or a card issued, and the team cannot produce the player passes on demand, the team will forfeit the match.  

PRE-GAME CHECK IN:  All teams must provide player/coach credentials at the mandatory tournament pre-match check-in.      

● Teams will be screened by the referee before game time. 

● Player passes (properly bound) will remain with the coach/team manager throughout the match but must be immediately available to the referee if the roster is challenged, or a player receives a red card. 

● In the event of a dispute, head referee will review each pass to ensure the individual matches the picture and jersey listed on the roster to confirm that only eligible players are participating. 

● All equipment including uniform, shin guards (mandatory) and cleats will be inspected to ensure the safety of all players.  Cleats are not required. Metal cleats and toe cleats are not allowed.  

● Players will be asked to remove all jewelry, barrettes, bobby pins, bows etc. prior to play. 

● Any player wearing an orthopedic or immobilizing cast will be subject to inspection at player check in and during play. Final decision on whether the item presents a hazard to any player will be up to the head referee. 


FIFA LAWS: All games will be played by FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by USYSA unless otherwise stated in this rules package. Times apply for both bracket and semi-final/finals. There will be no overtime.  Semi/finals will have PKs if necessary.   

DURATION:  Duration of games and overtimes (by halves) and ball size are as follows:   OT/PK 

Bracket Group Age

# of players

Time: Halves

Ball Size

U9 and U10



No. 4

U11 and U12



No. 4

U13 and U14



No. 5

U15 up



No. 5


Games may have additional water breaks as necessary. 

● One break may be given approximately halfway through a half. Coaches and the Center referee will discuss and agree to this prior to kickoff. If agreed upon by both coaches and the center referee, time given will be one minute while the clock will continue to run.  Delay of restart by coaches or players will be subject to a caution.  

● AYSO United Arizona will not provide water stations and each player will be required to provide their own refreshments. Players are strongly discouraged from sharing water bottles. The provision of team snacks will also be strongly discouraged.  

HALFTIME:  Halftime is five (5) minutes     



● Max number on the field is 7, one of whom is a goalkeeper 

● Offsides: Yes 

● Headers: No 

● Throw-ins included 

● Substitutions: At any stoppage and unlimited 

● Free Kicks: Conform to FIFA with exception that all opponents are at least eight (8) yards from the ball. 

● All fouls will conform to FIFA rules. 

● Minimum of 5 players present to start the game. Teams failing to meet this minimum requirement at any point in the match will forfeit the match. 


● Max number on the field is 9, one of whom is a goalkeeper 

● Offsides: Yes 

● Headers: No  

● All fouls will conform to FIFA rules. 

● Minimum of 6 players present to start the game. Teams failing to meet this minimum requirement at any point in the match will forfeit the match.  


● Max number on the field is 9, one of whom is a goalkeeper 

● Offsides: Yes 

● Headers: YES  

● All fouls will conform to FIFA rules.

  ● Minimum of 6 players present to start the game. Teams failing to meet this minimum requirement at any point in the match will forfeit the match  


● Max number on the field is 11, one of whom is a goalkeeper 

● Offside will be called. 

● Headers: YES 

● All fouls will conform to FIFA rules. 

● Minimum of 7 players present to start the game. Teams failing to meet this minimum requirement at any point in the match will forfeit the match.  Coaches should be prepared to start the game at the specified game time. Failure of a team to report ready to play within five minutes (5) of a scheduled kickoff is considered a forfeit. The winning team will receive a score of 1-0 and get 3 points, due to a shutout. In the case of extenuating circumstances tournament officials can waive this rule.   

GAME CONCLUSION:  Only referees will electronically submit the game card (includes score, name/number/issue of any player/coach receiving yellow or red card) to the website or designated email address. Only player passes from Cards should be turned into the referee coordinator. Referees will need to fill out red card reports and injury report and turn into Referee Coordinator prior to the end of the session.   

SUBSTITUTION:  With permission of the referee, substitutions may be made:    

● Unlimited substitutions will be permitted at ANY stoppage of play with permission of the match Referee.  

COACHING: All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, friends and spectators always. Only coaches, rostered players and a team manager may be in the technical area.  All spectators will be required to maintain a safe social distance of 6 ft per family and are required to follow state, county and municipal guidelines regarding the use of face coverings on the sidelines.   

CONDUCT AND SPORTSMANSHIP: Referees will not allow immediately before games, during games and immediately after games any abusive or profane language or threats of any kind. If, in the opinion of the referee, a game must be terminated due to misconduct, the offending team shall be declared to have forfeited the game. A terminated game will result in the opposing team being awarded a win by a score of 1-0, unless the score is greater at the time of the termination.    

Decisions made by the referee, once play has resumed, are not reversible. All referee decisions pertaining to action on the field are final – NO MATCH PROTESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED. 

Any team who does not have the minimum amount of players available at the start of the match will be considered to be a forfeit. Any team that does not have a pre-registered coach at the time of the match, will also be considered a forfeit. 


Team managers and/or coaches are to keep copies of player medical releases on hand at all games. In the event of an emergency, this form must accompany the player to treatment facility. 

A referee may seize a player card for a player suspected of having a head injury and report it to the Tournament Director. For the protection of the player, he/she may not return to play until after being cleared by a medical professional. The referee and the tournament committee will complete an injury incident report.   


● A player receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single game may receive a red card upon issuance of the 2nd caution and is immediately ejected from the game and may not be replaced. At the discretion of the referee, the player receiving a red card for a double yellow card offense, may be allowed to play in the following match.   However If the second yellow is for dissent, dangerous play, or seriously unsporting behavior, it will be treated as a normal Red card and the player will be suspended for the remainder of the match and the following next match. 

● A player receiving a red card is automatically ejected from the game and at the discretion of the Center Referee may, or may not  be replaced. A referee may elect to eject the player for the remainder of the match, or the first half of the following match, but allow the team to substitute the ejected player. 

● If a player receives a red card for fighting, that player will be ejected immediately and will be reported to the ASA. This player will not be allowed to return to play for the duration of the tournament and may not sit on the bench with their team.  A player who receives a red card for making racial comments towards another player, parent, referee or coach, shall be ejected from the entire tournament and may not return to any of the tournament venues. 

● A player receiving a yellow card for any reason, that player will be immediately removed from play and may return to play, in the same half, at the discretion of the center official. 

● A coach may be ejected from the game and an assistant coach or team manager whose credentials have been verified by the tournament committee may continue the game.  If no qualified replacement exists, the match is terminated and reported to tournament officials. 

● An ejected player or coach must leave the sideline areas, but if the player is a juvenile, s/he may remain in the control of a responsible adult but must remove/cover their kit top, unless an authorized adult is available to escort him/her from the field area. 

● An ejected player or coach will receive an appropriate suspension left to the discretion of the tournament committee, unless the ejection occurs in the last game of the tournament for that team.  In such case, the red card or ejection report will be forwarded to the jurisdiction of the governing body responsible for that coach or player's next official game. 

● A player or coach serving a suspension, must notify the referee at the start of the match, and receive the referee's signature on his/her suspension fulfillment form at the end of the match.  Once the entire suspension has been served, the player or coach may retrieve his/her player/coach pass by presenting his/her completed suspension fulfillment form to the appropriate tournament personnel. 


SCORING/DETERMINING WINNERS:   Teams are awarded points on the following basis:     

● A WIN is six (6) points

● A TIE is three (3) points

● A LOSS is zero (0) points  

 One Point for each goal scored for a maximum of three (3) additional points 

● Three (3) points for a forfeit win (scored as a 1-0 shutout win

● Minus one (1) point for each RED Card or two yellow cards issued to the same player/coach in the same match 


● Head to head competition 

● Goal differential (up to a maximum of four goals differential per match) 

● Goals for 

● Goals against

● Kicks from the mark (penalty kicks) 

● If teams are still tied at this point, the Tournament Director will give instructions for resolution.  

Tie Breakers are applied recursively. If three or more teams are tied and a tie-breaker (other than kicks from the mark) causes one or more teams to drop from the tie, then the rules are again applied to the remaining ties beginning with head to head competition.    

TIE BREAKERS – SEMIFINALS AND FINALS:   Due to the new format, there will be no Semifinal or final matches.    

AWARDS:  Players on teams placing 1st or 2nd will receive individual awards. All participants will receive a tournament pin. 

AYSO United will provide a red NB match ball for each match, and the home team will supply two back up match balls. The home team is responsible to return the official NB match ball, to the referee at the conclusion of the match. Final scores will not be posted until the match balls are returned.

● The home team is the team that appears first on the schedule.  

● The home team is required to switch to alternative jerseys to accommodate a color conflict as declared by the referee. If the home team cannot supply an alternate jersey, they can wear a penny or practice shirt.  

● Will take the north/west side of the half line 

● Will clean up their side of the line 

● Will automatically start the second half with the ball


● The visiting team is the team that appears second on the schedule. 

● Has choice of jersey

● Will take the south/east side of the half line

● Will clean up their side of the line

● Will automatically start the match with the kickoff.  


● No spectators, may sit/stand, outside of the designation zones for spectators. 

● No spectators or non-rostered players are allowed in the technical area. (Violations of this Rule may result in a caution against the Coach)

● All spectators will be required to wear face coverings to follow state, county and city guidelines.

● Any spectator who refuses to comply with the guidelines established by the local government, will be asked to leave the facility unless they comply. Coaches may be issued cards for parents/spectators who refuse to comply with a lawful request to wear face coverings. If multiple spectators refuse to comply, the tournament director may forfeit the match with a 3-0 loss to the spectators of the offending team. 

All coaches and team administrators will be responsible for the monitoring of their spectators behavior. Spectators shall not use abusive language towards officials, tournament staff, guest or players. Spectators who violate these rules, will be ejected from the venue and will not be allowed to return to any venue of the tournament. 

DISPUTES: The Tournament Director settles all disputes and the decision is final. Tournament rules may be modified under extraordinary circumstances as deemed necessary by the Tournament Director.  


● In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director or their designee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules to fairly and safely complete the tournament. The health and safety of the players is the priority. The second is to protect our limited fields and facilities. All decisions are guided by these principles.  

● All decisions made by the Tournament Director(s), Field Marshals, and /or Tournament Officials are final. Coaches will be informed of any anticipated changes in the schedule during player check-in or prior to scheduled games.  

● As soon as information is aware it will be posted on the tournament website, emailed and, if necessary, phone calls will be made.  

● All teams/managers/coaches are asked to remain flexible to the changes in fields/locations/game scheduled etc. as required.  

o If fields are unplayable games in question may be decided by penalty kicks. 

o If matches cannot be completed due to any reason tournament placement will be based upon the last fully completed round of play. Bracket tie breakers will be used to satisfy any ties that remain. If bracket tie breakers cannot resolve a tie, the Tournament Committee will utilize a coin toss to resolve the situation. 

o in the unlikely event of game cancellation due to inclement weather, entry fees will not be refunded.  Considerations will be made for credit for the next year’s tournament. 


● At no time are there to be any alcoholic beverages or tobacco (both chew and smoked) at Tournament sites.  

● Absolutely no glass is allowed at Tournament Sites.  

● Park in designated parking areas. Do not park along curbs in the sports complex. Overnight RV parking in the lot is allowed, but the tournament director must be notified and AYSO United Arizona will not responsible for damaged or stolen property.  

● Umbrellas/Canopies/Tents or other items cannot be staked into the fields. Weights should be used to secure them. 

● Dogs are not allowed inside any of the venues. Support animals must be legitimate and cleared by the Tournament Director before entry is allowed.

● All teams are expected to clean up their technical area after each match.

● Skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited.

The AYSO United Arizona Cup Rules follow the ASA sanctioned tournament policy requirements. This document outlines the requirements to receive and maintain Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) sanctioning for a youth soccer tournament in the state of Arizona. 

Registration Fees

Registration Fees 

In order to make this a fun and affordable experience for everyone, we have lowered our cost to help you with your decision making. 

 U10 Academy Boys and Girls $325
 U11 - U12 Boys and Girls $425
 U13-U16 Boys and Girls $550
Because of the Covid 19 concerns, we understand some parents may be concerned about having their child play in October, so we are allowing up to five borrowed players per team; however, teams must submit their roster prior to entry, with the borrowed players listed. Please remember, this is done to assist teams with having enough numbers to play and hopefully not to stack teams to just win. 

All teams participating will receive a tournament pin and other give-a-ways. 

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