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AYSO Referees- Laguna Beach (Region 86)

How to Become a Volunteer Referee

AYSO 86 has classes planned!

Please email the Regional Referee Administrator for details:

Additional Instructions for YOUTH Volunteer Referees

  • Because the "AYSO U" training website uses a Blue Sombrero login and assigns the completed training to the primary account holder, parents should create a separate Blue Sombrero account for the youth Volunteer. (If the youth Volunteer also is a player, continue to use the parent's Blue Sombrero account to register the youth as a player.)
  • When it is time for the Volunteer "Role" to be selected, choose the "Youth Referee" role. This might require selecting a non-default Program (see step "4b" in the "Submit a Volunteer Application" section below).
  • When you get to the form which needs to be filled out, you should see a youth-specific version of the form which does not require references. The parent will fill in their information here.
  • In the electronic-signature section of the application, both the parent and the youth will "sign" the application.
  • Note that no background check will be performed.
  • When the Youth Volunteer signs up for the classes at AYSO U, be sure that she uses her Blue Sombrero login (not the parent's).

Step 1: Create a Blue Sombrero Account (or sign in to your existing account)

"How to create an account and register as a Volunteer"

1. Navigate to the Regional website home page:
2. Click on the "REGISTER NOW" button at the top of the home page
3. Fill out the "Create New Account" form. Click the green "Create Account!" button to create the account.
4. If you have not registered your children, you can do so at this time (but it is not necessary). Once they are registered, you can link your volunteer application to your child (but this is not necessary).

Step 2: Submit a Volunteer Application

"How to Register as a Volunteer if you already have an account"

1. Log in to your Blue Sombrero account.

2. From the account dashboard, click on the "Volunteer" button on the left side of the display.
3. Click on the green "Find Volunteer Roles" button to the right of "My Volunteer Roles". (italics)
4a. The display will now show multiple Volunteer roles that you can select. If you have children registered, you should see a box for each child showing multiple roles (Referee, Head Coach, Sponsor, Board Member, Assistant Coach).
4b. If you want to sign up for additional roles not listed here, if you have no child registered, or you are creating the Volunteer application for a Youth Referee (minor), click on the red "Show More" cleverly hidden near the bottom of the page. This should bring up a list of programs and prompt "Select Programs(s) to View Volunteer Roles". For example, you might see "2018 Fall Core" (which are the roles seen in step 4a) and "Volunteer Registration - MY18".  This latter "program" includes additional Volunteer jobs such as "Youth Referee", "Scheduling", "Field Setup", and "Picture Day."  Click on the green "SELECT" button to chose one, then click on the green "View Roles" button to continue.

NOTE: The first time a Volunteer submits an application, it may be a good idea to pick a single Role and complete a single application. If you select multiple Roles at the same time, you may have to fill out the form for each role. If you complete the process for one Role then return later to add more Roles, the data that you previously filled in will be filled in each time you add a Role (except for the "Accept Waiver" button and electronic signature).

5. Click on the on the green "SIGN UP" button for the "Referee" role that applies ("SIGN UP" will change to "SELECTED").

6. Click on the green "Continue" button near the bottom.
7. The next page asks "Who would you like to select for the following position(s)?". Verify that the person volunteering is correct, then click on the green "Continue" button near the bottom.
8. The next page is the form that must be filled out with your information, including two references (including addresses and phone numbers).  At the bottom of the form is an "Accept Waiver?" toggle that must be flipped to "Yes" to continue.
9. Click on the green "Continue" button near the bottom.
10. At this point, you should see all of the finished or in-progress Volunteer Applications. Completed applications will say "E-Signature Complete" and have a green "Click Here to Update eSign Form" button. Applications that are not yet complete will have a green "Click Here to eSign Form" button; click on this button for the in-progress application.
11. This should bring up an image of the AYSO Volunteer Application with the fields filled in. Follow the directions in the gold rectangle at the top of the page. For an adult's Volunteer application, you should click the "I agree to us an electronic signature" box, select the "I am an adult of the age of majority..." button, and sign your name in the "Volunteer Signature" box (the date will be filled in automatically). Click the yellow "Continue to review" button at the bottom of the page to continue.
12. This will bring up another image of the AYSO Volunteer Application with the just-signed field filled in. Following the directions in the gold box at the top of the page, you should review the information on the form carefully (including the "Volunteer Signature" you just filled in). If the information is correct, click on the yellow "Submit signed volunteer application" button at the bottom of the page.
13. You should now return to the screen first seen in Step 9. If all of the applications have complete E-signatures, proceed to the next step by clicking on the green "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.
14. (We are almost done, I promise...) The next page shows all of the Volunteer Applications with the label "Background Check for <Volunteer Name>". If the verification is complete, the application should say "Volunteer Verification Complete". This may take a day or more for the first Volunteer Application submitted, but it should be immediately after that one is completed. No surprise here, but clicking on the green "Continue" button at the bottom of the page gets us to the next step.
15. You should now be back at the "My Volunteer Roles" display (as if you clicked on the "VOLUNTEER" button), so you're done for now! The display will show a box for each applied Role; when the background check is successfully completed, the top right corner of each box will display the word "ELIGIBLE".
16. You can upload a photo that will be displayed on the application by clicking on the "Details" button and then "Upload Photo" button in the top left corner of the application. This photo will be inserted into all of your Roles in the Volunteer section (but possibly not the ones visible on the team pages, which seem to require a different upload).

Step 3: Take the online "Regional Referee Training" course

1. This class requires a fee (currently $7). You may be able to obtain a "product voucher" from your Region Staff to pay for the class. For Region 86 Volunteers, email your Regional Referee Administrator at [email protected]
2. Navigate to the "AYSO U" online learning site:
3. Click on "Login to AYSO SSO" with the same login and password as Blue Sombrero.

Note: If your login used your entire email address (for example "[email protected]"), you may have to enter the whole email address (as shown), even if the Blue Sombrero login does not include the domain part of the address (for example, it only requires "JohannaQPublic").

4. Click on the "eCommerce" icon (a shopping cart).
5. Select the "Referee Training" Category.
6. If the "Regional Referee Training Course" is shown, click on "Buy Now".
7. On the "Billing Information" page, fill out the required fields (indicated with a red "*").
8. Click the blue "Review order" button to continue.
9. After reviewing the order in the "Review Order" section of the "Review and Place Order" page, you can enter the voucher code that you previously obtained (back in Step 1) in the "GIft Voucher" field of the "Payment" section (the lower section).
10. Click the blue "Apply" button next to the gift voucher field. The paid amount from the upper section will be updated, the balance will be reduced to $0, and the remaining amount of the orginal voucher purchase (likely 10 courses total) will be displayed below the now-empty "Gift voucher" field.
11. Click on the blue "Place order now' button at the bottom right corner of the page.This should bring up the "Order Confirmation" page showing the class has been purchased (with $0 balance due).
12. Return to the "AYSO U" home page by clicking on "Home" in the red banner under the "AYSO U" logo. 
13. Click on the "My Courses" icon (a page with a "play" triangle over the words "View your Enrolled Courses").
14. Find the "Regional Referee Training" section and click on the "Open" button on its right side.
15.You are now ready to take the course, so get going by launching the first chapter "Introduction to Regional Referee".
16. Note that there is a "Final Exam" and "Regional Referee Certificate" sections. When you complete all the chapters and pass the former, you may launch the latter to display or print your Course Completion Certificate. You should always print a hard copy, or even better, print it to a PDF file (or even do a screen capture and save to a bitmap file). Your RRA may want you to provide this as proof of completion.

Step 4: Take the in-person "Regional Referee Training" course

1. Navigate to the "AYSO U" online learning site ( and log in as in Step 3 (above)
2. Click on the "My Courses" icon (a page with a "play" triangle over the words "View your Enrolled Courses").
3. Find the "Instructor Led Courses" section and click on the "Open" button on its right side.
4. Find the "Referee Instructor Led Courses" section and click on the "Open" button on its right side.
5. Find the "Regional Referee Online Companion Course" section and click on the "Sessions" button on its right side.
6. Search for a course that fits your date and location requirements. You can use the browser's search for text function to help look for specific classes (e.g. "CTRL-F" on Windows).  Click on the blue "Register" button of the desired course.
7. After a brief pause, the screen will update, and the selected course should now sya "Registered" where the button was previously. The "plus" sign on the left side should also be replaced with a cicular icon. If you click on this icon, a "Status: Registered" display will appear below the class description.
8. Attend the class in person at the location and time specified. It's recommend that you bring printed copies of the prerequisite class Completion Certificates, especially the "Regional Referee Training" class (Step 3 above).

Step 5: Take the online "AYSO's Safe Haven" and "CDC: Concussion Course" courses

1. Navigate to the "AYSO U" online learning site:
2. Click on "Login to AYSO SSO" with the same login and password as Blue Sombrero.
3. Click on the "My Courses" icon.
4. The two required courses should be visible. Both classes are free.
5. Complete both classes and pass the "Safe Haven" exam.

Step 6: Contact your Regional Referee Administrator

1. Send an email to your Regional Referee Adminstrator (for example "[email protected]" for Laguna Beach Region 86) informing her that you have completed all of the requirements for a Regional Referee.
2. Once the RRA has verified that you have completed all of the requirements, he should provide you with information about how to sign up for games, how to request a Referee Mentor, and other Referee-related information.
3. The RRA will also provide your Referee Uniform and necessary gear (whistle, cards, flags, and so on).
4. In Regions that use MatchTrak (e.g. Area 11L), the RRA will set up a Referee account for you and direct you to the MatchTrak page for your Region.

Step 7: Get out there and have some fun (mandatory)

1. Your Region may have Referee Mentors available to provide guidance for your initial games working as a Referee. I recommend taking advantage of them if possible.
2. Enjoy yourself!

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