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2019 All-Star & Extra Tryouts Sunday November 3rd & 17th!


Google Maps Link to MacArthur Field at the VA:

MacArthur Soccer Fields @ the VA
10 Bonsall Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

The All-Star Program provides an opportunity for skilled players to continue their AYSO soccer experience at an accelerated level by competing in games and tournaments against other All-Star teams from neighboring communities, counties and states.  All CORE players who have played in 3/4 of their league games (no more than 2 absences for reasons other than injury, illness, or late assignment) are eligible to try out for THEIR division’s  EXTRA/All-Star/Tournament Teams.  Your child does not need to be referred or recommended by a Coach.  All are welcome to tryout!

The Tournament Season begins with practice in December or January, and extends to June, depending on the team.  Teams will practice twice a week, one with trainers.  At each of the tryouts we will be giving a ~30 minute overview of the program and answering any Q&A you may have.

We would like all participants to practice both days if possible.  That will enable each candidate to have the most opportunity with our All-Star Committee members.

Schedule for Sunday November 17 at the VA Soccer Fields (not Paul Revere and not the Barrington fields next to the post office): 

12n - 1:30pm for 10U Girls

1:30pm - 3pm for 10U Boys

3pm - 4:30pm for 12U Girls & Boys

14U Girls & Boys   TBD...make sure to sign up for Allstar Program online for notifications

For more information:  2019 allstar tryout letter

To print and bring to tryouts:  

(1)  2019 all star player application.pdf
(2) The completed online registration form for All-Stars
(3) 2019 kids zone parent pledge.pdf
(4) A copy of your childs birth certificate or passport
(5) Two checks made out to "AYSO Region 69", one for $350 and one for $550.  We do need two checks, not one.

If you need to request financial assistance:  2019 financial assistance application

Any questions?  contact our Region 69 All-Star Coordinator, Matt Cwiertnia at:  [email protected]

The AYSO Region 69 All-Star Committee

FAQs - Region 69 All-Star Information

Playing in Region 69’s Post Season All-Star/Tournament Program is a chance to participate in one of the best-organized and most successful such programs in the country. All-Stars is not only a wonderful individual experience, but also builds lasting friendships among all families who participate.

Q: Does my child need a referral from a Coach?
A: No.  All are invited to attend.

Q: What paperwork do I need to bring?
A: Besides your enthusiastic child, their shin guards and water, please bring the following five items:

(1) The printout of the completed online All-Star registration in (see above)
(2) A filled out copy of the All-Star paper application (see website for form:
(3) Two checks made out to “AYSO Region 69”. One for $350 and one for $550.  We need two checks, not one.
(4) A copy of your childs passport or birth certificate. Copies please for us to keep, not originals that you will take back.
(5) A signed Kids Zone pledge sheet (see website for form:

Q: What if we can only make one of the two days of tryouts?
A: Players are strongly encouraged to attend both days of the tryouts. Players must attend at least one tryout day. If your player cannot attend both days, you must email [email protected] prior to the tryout day.

Q: What exactly is the All-Star Program in Region 69?
A: Generally, the All-Star Program provides an opportunity for interested players to continue their AYSO soccer experience at an accelerated level by competing in tournaments against other All-Star teams from neighboring communities and states. Full participation in the AYSO league season is a prerequisite for selection. Unlike an AYSO league team, however, selection to an All- Star team is limited and is based on ability, attitude, interest and character. Despite the inherent exclusivity of tryout based All-Star teams, Region 69 strives to support as many All-Star teams – as possible based on the availability of qualified players, coaches, and other parent volunteers – particularly referees (!!!).
In divisions where there are sufficient numbers of qualified players, coaches, and parent volunteers (including referees), more than one All-Star team may be formed. In some divisions teams are organized by ability. In other divisions, teams may be comprised of all-first or all-second year players. It changes year-to-year but we normally end up with about 3 teams in 10U. All Region 69 All-Star teams will wear the same uniforms and have the opportunity to purchase the same bags, jackets, and accessories.

Q: When and where are All-Star tryouts?
A: Tryouts will take place on Sunday November 3, 2019 at Paul Revere and Sunday November 17, 2019 at VA soccer fields (not the Barrington soccer fields next to the post office). 

Q: How do tryouts work?
A: Professional trainers will run the tryouts. They will run all of the players through the same series of drills and small-sided games and will assess each player to figure out where each fits best. Trainers will make a rough evaluation of each player on the first tryout day (90 minutes) and they will refine their assessments on the second tryout day. Two days allows for more fair and comprehensive recommendations to the committees.

Q: How are players chosen for All Stars?
A: Players are chosen and teams are made created by a committee made up of the Regional Commissioner, Assistant Regional Commissioner, Coaching Administrator, Referee Administrator, Division Commissioner, All Star Coordinator, and an exemplary coach from each division. The committee will take the information from the trainers collected at tryouts and layer on top of that information from the coaches in each division. Players are chosen based on their enthusiasm, commitment, and skill as well as the commitment of their families, as volunteering is a big part of the program.
It’s important to keep in mind that we will try to accommodate all committed players and families by creating several tournament teams. As long as we can recruit enough coaches and referees we can make as many teams as necessary.
In any case, if your child wants to participate in the All-Star Program, then he or she must come to tryouts.

Q: What are the criteria to be an All-Star Player?
A: The candidate must have played in 3⁄4 of his/her league games and must try out. All Stars are the outstanding players in their division based on skill level, speed and agility, commitment to and performance on league team, sportsmanship, “team player”, performance at tryouts, and attitude, attitude, attitude. Using these criteria, the best players in each group, as determined by the respective All-Star committee, are selected for the All-Star Team. However, because Region 69 is committed to fielding as many All Star teams as possible for the tournament season, our definition of All Star is more expansive. Any child dedicated to having fun playing the game of soccer with the desire to continue to play after the regular season and who is willing (along with his or her parents) to make a full commitment to the Region 69 All-Star Program is a viable candidate for a tournament team.

Q: How are All-Star coaches selected?
A: All-Star coaches are usually regular league team coaches chosen by the All Star committee. Criteria for selection include soccer knowledge, AYSO training and certification, ability to work with players and parents, and commitment to the spirit and values of AYSO. Coaches must be committed to the long term, best interest of each person on the team, and the long-term development of each athlete on the team. Emotional intelligence is a much more important attribute that soccer intelligence.

Q: What kind of commitment are we talking about?
A: That depends on each coach and team, but it consists of two practices a week after school, plus weekend commitments of one to two tournaments per month, from late December/early January through early June.
Typically, more players are chosen for a team than the allowable roster size for a given tournament (12-15 players in U10, 12-15 players in U12 and 15 players U14). This gives more players a chance to participate and also gives families the flexibility to “sit out” a tournament or two.
There is an initial financial charge to cover Region expenses (the cost of field permits, All-Star uniforms and accessories, and professional trainers) and Team expenses (tournament fees, team supplies, team meals, as well as any other expenses the parents, players, and coaches all agree upon). There may be additional Team costs later depending on the number of tournaments each team decides to play. Scholarship aid is available.

We require that 2 checks, payable to AYSO Region 69, be included in the paperwork submitted at Tryouts.
Finally, and most importantly, it is expected that the parents of each team member make a commitment to help the team or the all-star program.
Besides the Coaches, the position that is of greatest importance is that of Referee. Tournaments require a team to provide referees to officiate a number of games (usually 3). Teams that are unable to fulfill their referee commitment forfeit a deposit as well as make it more difficult for Region 69 to enter that tournament the following year. It is for this reason that Region 69 has promoted a “No Ref, No All-Star” standard. We require at least one member of a player’s family to take the referee training and commit to officiating in the tournament season. The more referees each team has the easier it is to share the responsibility. Bottom line - the greater the degree of commitment from parents, the more successful the Post Season will be for everyone involved.

Q: How do I register for Tryouts? A: Tryout Registration Info:
  • Log in at
  • Go to My Account
  • Click the Green Button beside Player Name (typically says either “1 program available" or "2 programs available”)
  • Under the 2019 Allstar/Tournament Team Program see Division and click SELECT
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue
  • Proceed through the pages until the form is e-signed
  • Then, proceed through the pages until you go through Checkout.  Your registration is not complete until you get through Checkout and receive a Confirmation email from Region 69.  

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