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Aug, 2018

Photo Day Schedule - August 25th

Time Division / Coach
11:45 AM Referee Staff
11:50 AM Regional Board
11:50 AM VIP
12:00 PM 12U Boys 01 - Connelly
12U Boys 02 - Nabi
12:10 PM 12U Girls - White
10U Boys 01 - Roxby
12:20 PM 10U Boys 02 - Bunge
10U Boys 03 - Pinkerton
12:30 PM 10U Boys 04 - Valles
10U Boys 05 - Madrid
12:40 PM 10U Girls 01- Lucariello
10U Girls 02 - Daneshmand
12:50 PM 10U Girls 03- Robinson
1:10 PM 5U Boys - Schoolyard (2014)
1:10 PM 5U Girls- Schoolyard (2014)
1:45 PM 6U Boys 01 - Gillard
6U Boys 02 - Charay
6U Boys 03 - Hansen
6U Boys 04 - Roa
1:55 PM 6U Boys 05 - Sullivan
6U Boys 06 - Kazarian
6U Girls 01 - Avery
6U Girls 02 - Merryman
2:15 PM 6U Girls 03 - Orias
6U Girls 04 - Casasola
7U Boys 01- Connelly
2:25 PM 7U Boys 02- Lentz
7U Boys 03 - Kovach
7U Boys 04 - Pacourek
7U Boys 05 - Potok
2:35 PM 7U Boys 06 - Anfuso
7U Boys 07 - Hegarty
8U Boys 01 - Meihaus
2:45 PM 8U Boys 02 - Owens
8U Boys 03 - Marshall
8U Boys 04 - Gaskill
8U Boys 05 - Razaghi
2:55 PM 8U Girls 01- To
8U Girls 02 - Valles
8U Girls 03 - Celaya
8U Girls 04 - Gonzales
3:05 PM 8U Girls 05 - Stainer
8U Girls 06 - Roberts

Thank you, Parents, Coaches & Staff for your participation!


Parents ONLY need a completed payment envelope if they are purchasing additional photos, items or buddy photos. If a parent is purchasing a Buddy Photo then the parent needs to have the player’s “Buddy” with the player at the time the player takes their Individual Photo.


The Day Of!

Customer Service Representatives will be there to show sample products, make change, provide additional payment envelopes and answer any parent questions.


Attention Coaches! Team Check In!

  • The Coach/Team Mom will check in their team at the Check In table
  • The Coach/Team Mom will be given their Team Bag that contains their team’s QR Codes that contain the first and last name of every player on that team (based off the team rosters).
  • Coach/Team mom will collect all payment envelopes and put them in the Team Bag.
  • Once the whole team has arrived, the Coach/Team Mom will line up their team and head over to the Designated Photo Area and report to the Photo Day Runner.


Please have soccer ball ready.


  • Once the Coach/Team Mom checks in with the Photo Day Runner at the Designated Photo Area they will be given a few instructions at that time!


Parent’s Job!

Have your child photo ready including uniform, hair, appearance etc.



Common Questions and Answers:


If I am not purchasing anything, do I need to fill out a payment envelope?

  • No, you do not have to but if you change your mind, you may order up to 24 hours after online at!


Am I able to view my child’s photo before purchasing?

  • Unfortunately, you are not but we do have 100% satisfaction on all purchased items and will rectify any concern through our Customer Service Center at 1-800-874-9200.


Do I need to fill out their uniform # and position?

  • Only if you are purchasing player cards.


Can I order online later?

  • Pre-Order will be available up to 24 hours after Photo Day.


How do I order online?

  • Visit
  • Click School/Youth Sports Orders
  • Click Pre-Pay
  • Scroll to find your league logo or search by league name


Can I apply a custom background to a buddy photo?

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer that service because the backgrounds are designed to look optimal with an individual standing pose only.


Can I apply a custom background to only some of my child’s individual photos?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot due to processing procedures. It must be applied to all individual photos.  


Can I purchase an additional Discounted League Photo Package for a single player?

  • Our league discount package is contracted through the league for one package per player.


My child has 2 envelopes because 2 packages are going to 2 different people. Does my child need 2 QR Codes?

  • No, they do not. We will use the same QR Code Image. Please make sure the player’s name is spelled the same on both envelopes.

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