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got-the-ballThe Referee’s job is to be the official in charge of the match. He/she is the independent arbiter and manager of the match. A referee’s authority extends to everyone at the field, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and assistant referees.

The first priority for the Referee is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players.  While there is risk in all sports, the referee is responsible for minimizing such risks from field conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players.

The Referee is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game Safe, Fair & Fun.  The referee is expected to interfere with the game as little as possible, avoiding making calls for doubtful and trifling offenses.

Refereeing in AYSO is a challenging and rewarding volunteer experience. Here is an opportunity for you to join the kids on the pitch as they learn to love the “Beautiful Game”. You’ll have a great time and get some exercise too!

AYSO refereeing is available for youth and adult volunteers. Kids as young as 12 years old are permitted to officiate matches in the U10 division.  As the kids enter high school, they have opportunities to manage more challenging matches and even earn High School Community Service credits as AYSO referees. Refereeing in AYSO is a terrific way to help kids learn responsibility, build self-confidence, and possibly even begin to build a career. Just as there are professional soccer players who started out as kids in AYSO, there are also professional soccer referees who started out as kids in AYSO.

Region 7’s Referee Department offers mentoring for all referees with additional advocacy for youth and female referees.  If you have any questions about becoming a referee, please contact the Referee Administrator.

Each AYSO referee must meet the following core requirements

  • Register as a volunteer through for the current membership year (August through July)
  • Complete Safe Haven training at
  • Complete referee training for the age level he or she will be officiating

For additional information, check out the New Referees, Returning Referees, and Training sections below.

See you on the pitch!


Referee Department Contacts

Petra WiseReferee Administrator
John MolinaAssistant Referee Administrator 
Brian JonesDirector of Referee Instruction
Michael GrosvenorDirector of Referee Assessment
Greg PowerDirector of Referee Mentoring
Jerry JohnsonReferee Feedback
Estela PonceYouth Referee Advocate
Petra WiseFemale Referee Advocate
Bruce AndersonReferee Registrar
John MolinaReferee Scheduler: SPRING U10, U12, U14
Chad GordonReferee Scheduler: U8
John MolinaReferee Scheduler: U10, U12, U14
Brian HoltReferee Scheduler: U16, U19
Manny HernandezReferee Scheduler: Extra Program
Dennis KissickReferee Gear Guy ("Q")
Brian Administrator
Bruce AndersonReferee Statistician, Administrator
Dave Emmons
Steve Resnick
Mentors, Members at Large

Pete Lindborg
Tom Wilkinson


New Referees

Becoming an AYSO referee is a four-step process. The first two steps are the same for all AYSO volunteers.

STEP 1 – Complete your volunteer application

  • Log in to and select “Apply as new adult volunteer”, “Apply as continuing adult volunteer”, or “Update volunteer information”
  • Complete the volunteer application, indicating that you wish to volunteer as “Referee”
  • E-sign your volunteer application
  • E-mail the referee registrar so we can track processing of your application and notify you when it has been completed

STEP 2 – Complete Safe Haven certification

  • Log in to
  • Click on “Courses” to see a list of online courses, and then click on the Safe Haven course
  • PRINT your certificate and bring it with you to referee training

To log in to, you’ll need your eayso ID. If you can’t remember your ID, just log in to and click “Update volunteer information”.

STEP 3 – Sign up for training

  • Log in to
  • Click on “Course Signup” under “My eAYSO” (on the blue bar at the top of the screen)
  • Search for courses offered nearby (we are Section 1, Area D, Region 7, if you want to find a course available in our local region)
  • Select the course you wish to attend and click “Course signup”

New referees will want to find “Basic Referee Course” for full in-person classes, or “Basic Referee Online Companion Course” for the in-person portion that follows the Basic Referee Online Training

NOTE: We offer the Basic Referee Online Companion course and the Basic Referee Course in our region. If you plan on doing the online companion course, you will need to complete the online portion at in addition to signing up for the course on See the training section, below, for more details.

STEP 4 – Create account at

  • Go to
  • Hover over “Account Settings”
  • Choose “New Account”
  • Fill in the required information (indicated by an asterisk)
    • Enter “Regional” for your badge
    • If you don’t know what team you will represent, enter “BU0 # Unassigned” for the team
  • Click Update

All competitive division (U10 and older divisions) referees are required to attend the mandatory referee meeting on Wed Sep 3, 2014. Referees earn 1 point for attending this meeting.



Returning Referees

The Basic Referee Online Training Course is a great way to refresh your knowledge before the season starts!

All AYSO volunteers must submit a new volunteer application each year:

  • Log in to and select “Apply as continuing adult volunteer”
  • Complete the volunteer application, indicating that you wish to volunteer as “Referee”
  • E-sign your volunteer application
  • E-mail the referee registrar so we can track processing of your application and notify you when it has been completed

If you have not taken Safe Haven Certification since July 2011, you need to take it again as it has been updated with additional information:

  • Log in to
  • Click on “Courses” to see a list of online courses, and then click on the Safe Haven course

All competitive division (U10 and older divisions) referees are required to attend the mandatory referee meeting on Wed Sep 3, 2014. Referees earn 1 point for attending this meeting.




To be certified as a referee for the U10 division, and to earn points as a referee in the U8 division, you must be a certified AYSO Regional Referee.  The AYSO Regional Referee training course is available in two forms: online/companion, and in-person.

Region 7 offers the online/companion course in August and the in-person course in September.  The online/companion course has an online training component and a single 3-hour in-person component for Q&A, testing, and referee mechanics (signalling etc.) while the in-person course is taught in three 3-hour in-person segments.  If you take the in-person course, you must attend all three segments in their entirety. If you take the online/companion course, you must complete the online component at and bring a printed certificate of course completion with you to the in-person class.

To be certified as a referee for U12 through U19 divisions, you must complete additional training and on-field evaluations.  Please contact the Referee Administrator for more information.

Here is the 2016 referee training schedule for Region 7. These classes may be offered in other cities as well. Please contact the Referee Administrator with any questions. To sign up for a course, go to and search for the roster ID below:

DateTimeCourseRoster #Location
Please see the region calendar




Policies, Procedures, and Forms

DO NOT allow a match to start until the goals are anchored!  If you still have questions, watch this video.

Team Referee Policy 2016Team Referee Policy 2016 FAQYouth Referee Abuse Prevention Policy
Guidlines for U6 and U8 DivisionsExtra Program GuidelinesAYSO Severe Weather Policy
Sample game card – frontSample game card – backSportsmanship Point Guidelines
AYSO Region 7 Game Card Procedures for RefereesExcept from AYSO National game card procedures7+7 Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses
AYSO Region 7 Divisional Playoff Rules – Fall 2015Championship Match – ceremonyAYSO Referee Report (v20170413)

Referee Declaration Forms

The deadline for referee declarations has now passed.  New declarations are no longer being accepted.

To view all declarations, please click here


Number of players, ball size, game duration by halves, etc. by age division.

U635 v 5 min 3No15Qtrs, Half, InjuryPreferredU8 Official, age 12 or older
U837 v 7 min 5Yes20Qtrs, Half, InjuryRequiredU8 Official, age 12 or older
U1047 v 7 min 5Yes25Qtrs, Half, InjuryRequiredRegional Referee, age 12 or older
U11, U1249 v 9 min 6Yes30Qtrs, Half, InjuryRequiredIntermediate Referee*, age 14 or older
U13, U14511 v 11 min 7Yes35Qtrs, Half, InjuryRequiredAdvanced Referee*, age 16 or older
U15, U16511 v 11 min 7Yes40FreeRequiredNational Referee*, age 18 or older
U19511 v 11 min 7Yes45FreeRequiredNational Referee*, age 18 or older

* Exceptions may be granted by RRA



Other Resources

2016-17 LOTG2016-17 LOTG:
2016-17 LOTG:
Practical Guidelines for Match Officials
2016-17 LOTG:
Summary of Changes
eAYSO.orgAYSO training.orgAYSO Course CatalogAYSO Referee FAQ
History of the LOTGUSSF MemorandumsTo Whistle Or Not To WhistleYou Are The Ref



Ken Aston discusses the origin of “offside”

What is offside? What isn’t it plural? We have a great summary of Law 11 (Offside) on our FAQ page. We also have a fantastic video of Ken Aston discussing the origin of the law…

While Ken Aston was responsible for many important developments in soccer refereeing, he is probably most famous for introducing yellow and red cards in the 1966 World Cup. In this video, he discusses the history of offside. Watch this video for a peek into the history of one of the most misunderstood Laws Of The Game…

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